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The question of who will pick the Spurs team for the first game of next season has been on my mind for some time.

If, as expected, Redknapp takes the Football Associations dollar then it will become a very pivotal moment in the club’s history, especially if we get into the Champions League again.

One thing I noticed when talking it over with some fellow supporters was that there was no obvious candidate jumping out.

One rumor that was quite strong in the summer was that Mark Hughes did not leave Fulham thinking he would be going to Villa but that he had been given the nod that he would get the Spurs job when Harry went. This may be far-fetched but I heard it from a few people, including ones with links to the Cottagers.

Certainly the bookies seem to agree with the permed one currently the favorite to be our next permanent manager.

While Hughes did well at Blackburn, anyone who can make David Bentley appear to be worth £16m must have something in his locker, his time at Man City was characterised by dull football and shocking wastes of money.

Bellamy, Bridge, Santa Cruz were all brought in for big sums and on high wages, though it is fair to say we have benefitted indirectly from him bringing in Adebayor. He did okay at Fulham but is he really the man to have us challenging for the top four? While he may be a safe choice for the board would he really get the fans excited?

There is also his obvious Chelsea connection, a player and a fan, and is someone who Man City saw as not good enough to get them into the Champions League the man we should be turning to? However, looking at who the bookies have behind him it appears that Stamford Bridge connections may be something every manager we want has

Carlo Ancelotti, Champions League winner, Serie A winner, Premier League and FA Cup winner, there is no doubting he has the CV.

The fact he was sacked by the ‘ever exploding clown car of football’ (thanks to Danny Baker for that one) must go in his favour. As has the fact he publically came out and said he’d like the job (plus Liverpool but we’ll ignore that).

But, and this is a but as big as Carlo’s, he has always had someone buying players for him. At AC and at Chelsea he coached the team but transfers were brought in above his head. Having spectacularly done away with our director of football – how is Andy Carroll settling in Liverpool fans? – would Levy be willing to go back? And, god forbid, would it be our newly rehired scout David Pleat (with his settlement package from being sacked from a similar role by Forest in his back pocket).

Gus Poyet is catching the eye with Brighton and looks to have something about him but I fear he could be tainted by association with Juande Ramos.

If he gets Brighton up his case would be strengthened but we do not know how the club feels about him or perhaps more importantly, how he feels about Levy et al.

The worst case scenario would be Poyet with some sort of mentor figure above him (probably Pleat again I fear) which I don’t think has ever worked somewhere.

After these three is the usual collection of also rans which we’ll quickly run through.

Moyes – Interesting, transfers in the main have been poor and seems to like a very defensive team.

O’Neill – Two words. Long ball.

Martinez – Relegating Wigan this season will count him out

Benitez – Just no.

A foreign coach, one who has not managed in the Premier League before, such as Jurgen Klopp of Dortmund, is unlikely to be considered by a board which has had its fingers burned in the past. Santini and Ramos still loom large as black marks against Levy and he will not want to get it so wrong again.

So it seems the choice really comes down to Hughes or Ancelotti. The big Italian would get my blessing but I think that the Welshman could well be in the dugout come August.

Kind of makes me wish Harry was staying. Kind of.

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  1. Its a redundant argument, as Arry won't be the next England manager. He has too much potential baggage and speaks his mind too much. Provided Woy Hodgson has a decent season, he is a shoe-in as the FA can justify his selection on the basis that he has international experience and is much travelled.

  2. Rafa is the best you can hope for. Ignore the media hysterics about him, extremely experienced intelligent succesful manager. Wish he’d had stayed with us. Lfc Fan

    • i recall writing about Liverpool that they always seem to think that there is just one thing stopping them from returning to the glory days. When Rafa was manager, "If only we had a new manager". They got what they wanted in Roy Hodgson.

      If only we had new owners, Gillett and his pal were given the bums rush.
      "!If only we had a new manager!" (again). Again they get what they want in Dalglish.

      "If only we had new players"! Enter Suarez, Carrol, Adam, Bellamy, Downing and Henderson.

      So what is the new remedy you seek? "If only we had Rafa Benitez back".

  3. Van Gaal pure and simple, just look at his CV of cups he won, all the roles he had at Ajax. Remember the programme Dreaming of Ajax, the teams he had at Barcelona, AZ, Bayern Munich.

    3-4-3, 4-3-3 at Barca and Ajax, to 4-2-3-1 at AZ and Bayern.

    Total Football way is not far off, our own push and run style of the 60's.

    Forget all those other names, they are not fit to lace his boots.

  4. Benitez and Ancelotti will be bending over to get the job, I think media power will get Harry the England job,I also know Ancelotti is already lined up as the next Spurs manager..He took a year off when be could just walk into Inter Milan dressing room.His heart is set for London, he loves it inondonand he finds London a perfect practicable environment for a football manager..Carlo Ancelotti will be the next Spurs manager, also Levy buys players at Spurs which shouldn’t pose any problems either,in fact its perfect for Daniel Levy.

  5. I think these are good choices but I always thought big Phil Scolari would be a good fit for us… His style of play was exciting when he coached Chelsea.

  6. I am not a fan of Hughes at all. He has experience in the premier league but he's not good enough for a team challenging the top 4. Ancelotti is great, experience and did well with Chelsea but I think it could be Moyes who i'd shout for.

  7. Some decent names bandied about on here my first choice would be Anchelotti or Guus Hiddink proven managers at the highest level and they attract certain types of players. Moyes is a very good manager I would love to see what he could do if he ever had money to spend but I’m not sure he would work with a director of football set up, Rafa Benitez another good manager just think he’s not the right fit for us. Nope my money would be on Anchelotti or Guus Hiddink. Lillywhitetilidie

  8. My money is on Slaven bilic contract with Croatia up next summer knows what pl us about from playing here I’d b happy with him , van gal would be great deschamps could also be in running + Michael laudrop.

    Of domestic coaches Paul Lambert & brendan rogers or malcay mackay of cardiff

  9. Mourinho has already said in 2 seperate interviews that if he returns to the premier league he would only manage 1 club other than chelsea and that its another london club, it's already in the pipeline according to the spanish press.

  10. If we are serious about competing regularly in the Champions League, we need someone with the experience of doing that & someone used to winning trophies.

    Ancelotti for me, with someone like Nigel Adkins brought in alongside him to be groomed for the future.

  11. After all of his antics at real madrid I’ve started to go off the idea of the mourinhio side show coming to the lane. Guus hiddink or Ancelotti would be top of the list followed by Moyes as a British option. Always worked wonders with no money to spend. Forget Hughes, would be a bland boring and a safe appointment. Nothing more.

  12. The marquee appointment would be Klinsmann, or dare I say it give Hoddle another shot. I think it's too soon for Hughton who needs more experience but is showing promise. I'd like Nigel Adkins of Southampton to be given some serious consideration, he appears to be doing a excellent job on the south coast

  13. I'm sorry but this talk of Hughes being the next coach has really bought me down this morning.. someone please tell me this is a load of b.s. What a completely un-tottenham manager – he's been average wherever he's been – just another ex-manure player trying to coach (join the list). He is sh**e. Wasn't even a major success at City, where he had a blank cheque!!!

  14. I'd like to see the manager of Aldi in tottenham take over, the boy has done well over the last few years there. If not him lets go for Chris Hughton, love the geezer and what a player he was. Brilliant bloke.

  15. Klinsman should be the new manager if Redknapp goes! You also need to look at the personality of the manager- When Ancholotti first came into the Chelsea dressing room, he made them change their rap music because he thought it was bad music…its things like that that make players want to play for the manger or not…the manager needs to get the best out of the players and im scared that Redknapp has such a good relationship with a lot of our players that changes to management could hurt the team. Personally i want Redknapp to stay because he has done so well with the team and has create da team which with a few tweaks could challenge for the title.

  16. Carlo Ancelotti. A Champions League winner. Loved by everyone he's worked with. A great guy.What more needs to be said? Louis Van Gaal is another option, but a bit too militaristic with his players for my liking. It could backfire at Spurs. Other than those two, Paul Lambert IF he keeps Norwich up and safe in mid-table, Rafa Benitez if he's recovered from his (unjust, in my opinion) sackings from Inter and Liverpool,David Moyes if we need a safe, solid option, and Martin O'Neill if we absolutely have no other choice.

  17. Oh, yes, Nigel Adkins seems to be doing magnificent things at Southampton and Slaven Bilic is available after Euro 2012 as well.

  18. Lambert or Coyle.
    Both young – we need continuity, not a short term fix – and play the game the right way.
    I also very much like the look of Gus though, as you quite rightly point out, there is likely to be history from the Wendy Ramos era which may have soured Poyet's view of DL.
    Interesting that there is little mention of/support for David Moyes.
    I've heard much more talk of him than Mark Hughes.

  19. I'd be more than depressed to see Warnock or Hughes installed should 'arry leave. I think Poyet or Lambert are both great shouts, and my preference would be for Poyet of the two. Not sure about Jol or Houghton to be honest, too much water under the bridge there.

  20. Please not Warnock…'orrible bloke. Its important the next boss is a global name so we can attract (and keep) the best players. After 40 yrs supporting THFC this is the closest ive seen to a team that can challenge for the title. Just need a few more class additions to squad. For this reason cant be sideways moves like Lambert, Poyet, Adkins or even Hughes despite his playing cv. Have mucho time an respect for Lambert tho. Has to be a Klinsmann, Ancelotti or Van Gaal. Onwards and upwards people.

  21. When I first see shouts for Paul Lambert I actually started laughing because I thought it was a joke, I am suddenly starting to think people are actually being serious. I would install 10 managers before Lambert, maybe even 20, hes done a great job for norwich but lets leave him there for now, unproven and I dont think Tottenham are in a posisition to be testing the waters with unproven managers if we are to keep liverpool and arsenal at bey in a bid to be a top four champions league playing football club. You have got to look at Carlo, Louis and definitely Jose if theres any chance we can get him, who the hell would want to come and play for lambert, now the three guys previously mentioned are all proven tacticians at the highest level + will have clought in the transfer market….. all the other names mentioned are a backward step to our current boss Harry.

    • Lambert is a hero in the Bundesliga for Dortmund after he marked Zidane out of the champions league final in 97. He would at least have a decent name in some areas of the continent

  22. i cant see the FA wanting a guy whose previously dodged taxes and been in corruption troubles in the past. i just cant see him actually getting the job. whether he wants it or not is past the point. he'll remain at spurs for two or three more seasons before the man u job and we'll get mourinho.

  23. For my money, it's Maurinho, Ancelotti, and no one else. Both will have the determination to whack Chelsea every moment they can. Read the Special One's lips. He wants a London Club other than Chelsea. He can't be serious with Arsenal and it will require a major overhaul of the style of players. He can't be serious with West Ham, QPR, or Fulham either, right? So my wishful thinking is Jose is thinking Spurs. A Tottenham dynasty (sounds sweet, doesn't it?) will have his stamp on it, not as a successor to AW or SAF.
    In today's football, unless FIFA start thinking about a salary cap similar to the NFL of another football sport, only money will translate to championships. With the current squad, we may win a cup here or there but not the EPL and CL title.

  24. But money on Peirce he has bean given the Great Britain job too see if he can handle senior players in a tourniment by his ex Chairman when he was at City Bernstien. This could mean City players getting picked for England. Harry will be picking our team for the champions leagueif he stops the nervy shite 4411

  25. Klins or Ancelotti. Long shot is Mourinho if the timing is right. Spurs will not take a punt on a manager and will want a guarentee for 4th or at least 5th in the first season.


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