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This game summed up what it is to be a Spurs fan.  A 4 match winning run caused much anticipation and yet a continual sense of fear that the ‘other’ Tottenham would turn up.  This was a game that we should have won, should have lost and deserved to draw – all in equal measure – and that is what makes Spurs so unique.

There is no doubt that the club is well run and bought well in the summer.  With Brad in goal I don’t have that continual sense of fear that I had with Gomes that any shot directed at him was likely to somehow end up in the back of the net.  Scott Parker is ‘just the type of player that we’ve been looking for’ and there is no doubt that at £5m he is a contender for not only buy of the season but player of the season as well.  I have asked a number of Gooner supporting friends why they did not go in for him and they reply with a shrug of the shoulder and a simple ‘ cause he’s not 18 years old and French with no experience at the top level’  Adebayor is another excellent signing even if only for 1 season.  Its amazing how someone can be so vilified one season and so praised by the same fans the next. There is no doubt however that the boy has talent.

This backbone has proved pivotal in our recent run of success.  Against Newcastle ‘Arry chose VdV over Defoe and I think now acknowledges this was wrong.  ‘The Special One’ in Madrid doesn’t often make mistakes and it is clear that we still have not worked out how to get the best out of an undoubtedly quality player.  Our back 4 is looking solid enough.  Kaboul has looked superb and Kyle Walker has been steady.  BAE remains an excellent defender but for some reason is prone to brain meltdowns when he tries to beat too many and gives the ball away.  Row Z if necessary BAE.  Bale has been a disappointment this season as he was last season post Milan although there are signs that against Newcastle the quality is returning.

Love him or hate him, when Modric plays well, Spurs play well.  Play him in the centre with Parker and Sandro holding behind and Bale and Lennon supporting Adebayor.  Away from home at least.  At home drop Sandro and bring in JD.

Turning to the game itself, we started brightly but frankly neither side looked like scoring.  A bit of fortune gave us a stone wall penalty.  Everyone knows it except of course Piers Morgan.  VdV finished with aplomb.  Harry said keep it tight for the first 15 minutes cause they’ll come out all guns blazing.  So, we fail to tackle, leave their hottest striker unmarked at the back post and the result was inevitable.

Revert to plan B and enter JD who must be mighty frustrated at the moment.  He did what he does best – created something out of nothing and scored a cracker.  That should have been that but we lose concentration.  Even then we had a chance, possibly easier than the one he scored but as usual the keeper made a ‘worldie’.  Naturally the Toon threw the kitchen sink at us but did Friedel have much to do? Not really.

Next up Blackburn away and then perhaps we’ll have a home League game?  Remember when we used to play on a Saturday at 3pm?

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter cause Arsenal are rubbish (at the moment) and we beat them again.

By Mark Hoffman

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  1. Wow you have more faith than i have because when Defoe scored i took the dog out and asked my daughter to text not if but when they scored You may ask why i have little faith in us holding out for a win and these are the reasons. Firstly i have more faith in Gomes but only if King is playing and Cudicini is just has good and younger than Fried egg. Yes he makes some goo saves but the areas he is week are he wanders off is line and if you look at the goals we have conceded you will see he is on our near his six yard line when the ball sails past him. The other major problem was he never comes for crosses and we had the worse states from goals conceded by headers when King played this stopped. We are playing Blackburn who are struggling King will be missing and this worrys me because Samba is good in the air. So the key too our Defence is King makes all our keepers confident but two are the same and Gomes is better in the air but without King all our keepers are prone. Newcastle have the same defence but weaker with the sale of Enrique yetthey have one of the best defencescan any one explain why this is the case and now one of there players is saying we will be hard too shift. I could tell you why they run the extra milesbut it falls on deaf ears well we are playing another desperate team Blackburn and i will tell you now they will play with the same tempo and energy that Tiote and his team mates showed to stop Spurs from passing and playing if we had not got a penalty or Defoes great strike we would have lost that game. I want more fans too question why Newcastle and Norwich are the hardest workers in the premiership because both of these teams where picked for relegation . I have found the reason three seasons ago yet not one fan believes me even though the then Testers Uk sport staggered me by admitting Ephedrine was in samples taken but not enough too catch. I found out why one of the reasons is they run it off and drink plenty off legal drinks to tamper with the samples given too testers. The one player caught by the new testers UKAD Toure unforgivable for City and Toure he was sub the day he failed his test. So when you see a team chasing the ball like there lives depending on it stop and think are they super fit or is there something in there waterhelping them run the extra miles too win or draw games the funny thing most of these extra miles come after they have played 45 mins and occur during the second half i wait for Blackburn a very desperate teams Tempo.

  2. Redknapp should lock JD in a room and force him to watch film after film on the great Lionel Messi. Hopefully he will learn that Messi is great not only for the goals he scores, but also for the many,many he assists his team mates to score. JD scored a good goal but could have, and should have, won it for Spurs with simple inside pass to the unmarked Livermore or Adabayor . Instead he chose to blast a shot straight at the keeper. This is not the first time JD has been selfish to the detriment of the team. If he learns to overcome this tendacy he too, could become a great striker.


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