Now all they have, is us

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Mediocrity – a word that describes our recent history.

A word we, the Spurs faithful have seen used against us to remind ourselves of our position in football: “forever in our shadow, you’re mid-table at best.”

A word that some Spurs fans have missed placed the meaning to as we’ve moved on and grown up.

It’s funny how growth, stability and glory nights casts a fog over our minds causing some to scream profanities at the growth not being quick enough.

Pointing fingers was our forte and if it wasn’t the manager, players or the lack of investments fault, then it was definitely Daniel Levy’s… because he always held us back.

Social media still turns into the wild west after a loss or during the transfer window.

But when mediocrity was our bread and butter, everybody and their aunt knew it, even we knew it but didnt want to admit it.

We were the nearly boys: “we won’t be able to keep our best players, top four is all we can hope for.”

Our roots should not be forgotten, because where we’re heading is very hard to succeed, but extremely easy to fall back into mediocrity.

The proof is in rise of the lilywhite empire, and how subtle changes throughout the Premier League have started to take place and as we solidify our position, those changes are only getting stronger, more visible.

With the change in landscape envious eyes are cast our way, and now we are seen as trophies or a tool in a punch-line: “Well done, you can put that in your trophy cabinet.”

Okay, along with our other 30 major honours that also includes 2 UEFA Cups? (Tottenham)

This is the last stick they can poke us with, and shortly we’ll snap it.

They can no longer deny the path we are on. They can sense it.

Our rival’s insecurities to our rise has fed their anxiety around their team’s footballing position.

Their footballing lives are encapsulated by it, and it feeds into the team and onto the field.

That’s when the itch arises.

It starts with every piece of good news around Spurs, an itch that cannot be quenched easily.

They’ll try holding back from scratching because it’s almost admitting they know things have changed.

But the itch doesn’t stop.

Then as they spurt out the latest insult to be connected with Spurs, they feel satisfied. The itch has gone.

And they smile broadly. But it doesn’t stick, the corners crease, the upper lip grows slack and their teeth recede from sight.

Then, their straight back to their spiraling thoughts of the different paths both our and their clubs are on.

Measurements have been drawn that shows the embarrassment of those around us: “we have more followers than you, our player signing got more likes than your record signing.”

Yeah, but we got Ndombele, who did you get?

When social media is announced as a tool to measure your team’s success, that’s when you know you’ve lost all hope in your club.

The measurements should be taken on the field, your final position against ours: “but we beat you at your new ground!”

Congratulations on the trophy, is that in your cabinet?

This is their measure of success, no matter their position, as long as a win against Tottenham is achieved their thirst is sedated for those next few days of bragging rights.

Then realisation comically settles in.

Now all they have is us. But they will never admit it.

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