This message is for one person and one person only, Harry Kane.

Harry, It’s no secret that we are struggling; the club and fans are hurting. We need our world-class striker to show up and settle our team down.

We are only 6 games in… We have had bad losses, but we can still save this season. However, as you go, so do we. It’s time for you to become the leader that we desperately need.

Harry, this season has not started out how we anticipated. Simply put, you have been abysmal. Through 5 matches you have yet to register a goal, yet to provide an assist and your shooting accuracy is at 44%.

Critics will claim your lack of stats are because you do not have any service. Maybe that’s true, but let’s compare you to a player like Chris Wood. Chris Wood has a goal and 12 shots so far this season. Do you really believe that Chris Wood has better service at Burnley than you do at Tottenham?

Still feel as though you are not receiving enough service? Fine, create your own chances, something you routinely do by dropping deep to become a creator. Except this season, you are doing the exact opposite.

You are still dropping back and occupying space, but you only have 4 key passes (0.8 per game) this season, right in line with Ben White and Granit Xhaka. You know those two guys, they are the two that completely shut you down on Sunday.

In fact, prior to Sunday’s game, you only had 10 touches inside the opposition box. On top of that, your Whoscored rating is 6.25, which is only good enough for 270th in the league, sandwiched between Nikola Vlasic and Jamal Lascelles, two players that should not be muttered in the same sentence as you. What’s the excuse for this?

Gone are the Poch years, where you seemed to score at will and enjoyed the defensive battles in the league games and Champions League nights. Gone is the free-flowing possession football with a relentless press that few teams could break down.

Every game will be a grind and this rebuild is extremely painful, just like Poch alluded to. However, this doesn’t mean a rebuild equates to a lack of success… You can still achieve great things this year, especially since we are in three competitions to win trophies.

Speaking of trophies, you always say you want to look back at your career with “no regrets.” This is something I completely agree with and think you should have the opportunity to lift silverware EVERY YEAR.

However, Spurs have provided you with that opportunity… three finals at the club level and 1 final at the international level. In every final, you have failed to show up.

You have had the opportunity to win a trophy and you have become a passenger in every single game, especially in the Champions League final. If you were as injured as you claimed to be, you should’ve put your ego aside and rely on your teammates to get us over the line.

Four failed loan spells, we stuck by you. Chants of “one-season wonder,” we stuck by you. Spurs fans defended you every single goalless drought (Admittedly, there have been very few), claims of diving and cheating, personal attacks and claims that you are not world-class.

The Tottenham faithful defended you like a member of our family and we have always believed your abilities are elite.

How has the club repaid you for your abilities? By smashing our wage structure to make you the highest-paid Tottenham player ever, handing you a well-deserved 6-year contract and financial security for you and your family for life.

Harry, we know you wanted to leave this summer, it’s no secret. In fact, most fans would agree, for the right price, you should’ve been allowed to leave. However, £75 million plus £25 million of add ons is not “the right price.”

What were we supposed to do? Accept you leaving at any price? Nonsense.

You have three years left on your contract. We were offered less money for you, a proven world-class player, than City paid for Jack Grealish, a player who hasn’t produced a third of what you have. No matter what PR spin you put on it, the matter of fact is City failed you this summer, not Tottenham.

Hire a new PR firm and a whole new team if you have to. Have the best people in the business spin the reason as to “why you didn’t show up to training on time.” Whatever they may say, it will not change the fact that you have in some way tarnished the deep relationship you previously had with the fans.

Whether you were poorly advised or just didn’t care about the consequences of your actions remain to be seen. However, what is apparent, is that your performances this season have shown that you no longer have that desire to play for Tottenham and you cannot even bother to show up on match days to repay the fans that have supported you throughout your career.

You have stood in the centre of the pitch clapping for a true club legend, while simultaneously ruining your opportunity to be in the same echelon in club history.

Harry Kane, you will always be one of our own. But the badge on the front will always be bigger than the name on the back and for you, it is no different.

It is up to you to be the leader we need you to be. It is time, now more than ever, for you to prove the love you have for this great football club.

As the great Bill Nicholson said, “I always said that it was an honour to serve Tottenham Hotspur and I feel the same every time I walk back into the stadium.”

We can only hope you feel this way too.

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