Opinion: A rant about Harry Kane and how Tottenham are letting him down

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur striker, Harry Kane, is out injured for multiple months yet again, an occurrence that seems to happen at least once per season now.

Spurs undoubtedly have one of the best all-time Premier League strikers on their hands at the moment, yet they continue to let him down on and off the pitch.

Let’s look back to the era of Robbie Keane, Dimitar Berbatov, Jermaine Defoe, and Darren Bent. Spurs were a far smaller side, fighting for smaller prizes back then, yet had four very capable strikers within their ranks.

Fast forward to today and Spurs are fighting for things like the Premier League and Champions League, yet have just the one injury-prone option up front.

How on Earth does a side with such lofty ambitions not have a replacement ready to go? Look at Origi at Liverpool, who constantly comes in a scores goals when needed.

Tottenham literally have no one. Not only this, but we are 19 days into the January transfer window, we have know about Kane’s injury for weeks, and still no one has been bought. Not even a cheap £10m target man.

Perhaps the even more annoying thing is that everyone knows that Kane is injury prone, yet Spurs continue to push him too hard, often playing him every minute of every game.

This man should be protected, taken off with 30 minutes to go when Spurs are looking good. He should be rested for the odd game to avoid fatigue.

Tottenham play him non-stop through even the most congested fixture periods, and then wonder why he gets injured.

Of course, Kane wants to play every game, much like a child wants every meal to be burgers and chocolate. It should be the manager’s job to say no and put his fitness and the good of the club first.

If Spurs waste this generational talent, they will regret it forever. This man should be lifting Premier League titles, not the remote control to watch his side from his sofa.

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  1. Seb, if Harry Kane is as good as you make him out to be Spurs would not have been 14 points off the league leaders and Mauricio Pochettino would still be Spurs manager.


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