Opinion: Analysing the No To Nuno hashtag movement

Nuno Espirito Santo
Jack Thomas - WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

In what has been a ridiculously frustrating start to the transfer window, Spurs have still yet to appoint their replacement for Jose Mourinho. Spurs fans have grown, appropriately, tired of the search, particularly after Daniel Levy pulled the plug on the Antonio Conte deal.

Spurs pulled out of negotiations with another manager because of fan backlash. The case of Gennaro Gattuso. The hashtag NoToGattuso began to trend in the UK as Spurs fans discovered the polarising nature of Gattuso’s past.

Now, Spurs are reportedly close to appointing Nuno Espirito Santo and fans have responded with a NoToNuno hashtag.

For several reasons this frustration makes sense. The prolonged amount of time without a manager, turning down more qualified candidates, return to Jose-style tactics… the list goes on.

The biggest area of concern to me is the complete lie Daniel Levy told the Spurs faithful at the end of the season.

Claiming to bring in a new manager to return to our “Tottenham DNA”, before instead appointing a manager who believes that defence is the key to football, is not a good look.

For this, and their repeated lack of ambition, Daniel Levy and ENIC should bear the brunt of the fanbase’s anger.

Failing to invest in the squad, failing to offload deadwood, sacking our manager six days before a cup final, appointing a 29-year-old with no experience as interim, and once again, the list goes on.

Levy and ENIC have proved themselves time and again to be unsuitable caretakers for our club.

The next hashtag Spurs fans should get trending is LevyOut and ENICOut. They clearly believe in “Profit Over Glory” and as we all know, the game is about glory.

One trophy in 20 years is a failure of ownership.

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  1. Never a truer word said. Totally agree with your views. About time ENIC and Levy sold out and let someone run the club who understands football.
    It’s about the club, the players and the glory. Profit comes second

  2. At last that is better someone with a brain. Enic have always treated spurs as a means to a very big payday. The training facilities and the stadium were done to promote the final sale of the club so they get maximum benefit. The team has always came a distant second with these lot. Thing is they are really worried now because more and more fans are waking up to levy and Lewis. Don’t give them your money it will hurt not to go to games of course it will but it will hurt levy and Lewis more. Money is all they care about so hit them where it hurts them most.


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