Opinion: Call me a pessimist but I see no hope for a positive Spurs season

Nuno Espirito Santo
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With the Euros coming to an end, many English Spurs fans were heartbroken due to the penalty disaster.

Therefore, the Tottenham faithful will be turning towards the upcoming season, once again looking for hope.

However, is there anything to look forward to this season at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium? 

Last season was nothing short of a disaster for Spurs, with a mediocre 7th place being the end result. Jose Mourinho was sacked after arguably his worst season in management and Spurs yet again failed to win silverware despite reaching a final.

This season, Nuno Espirito Santo has walked through the door, with some fans classing it as an underwhelming appointment.

Spurs have gone from one of the best managers in world football with Pochettino to Nuno within two years. This is nothing short of embarrassing, which makes me think this season won’t be one to remember.

However, the manager isn’t the only reason that I think we will have a poor season. Within N17, the standard of players is continuing to decrease, with the likes of Winks and Sissoko somehow still earning a wage in North London.

Obviously, there is a possibility that the deadwood will be sold, however, the likelihood of Levy doing this is slim.  

Recently, I have described Levy as a ‘bad’ chairman. The fiasco with the Super League, lack of clarity with the fans and the poor managerial decisions have left a sour taste amongst some Spurs fans. Therefore, there is zero chance that I have any belief in Levy. 

Any honest and realistic Spurs fan will not expect Levy to spend big and rebuild this summer. It’s not the man he is and, although we may hate it, we must be realistic.

However, if a rebuild does not even begin, then there is no way Levy can continue as chairman. Levy must spend, he must rebuild, but I don’t think this will happen, therefore I don’t think we will succeed.  

The combination of an underwhelming manager and a weakening squad leaves little enthusiasm for a positive Spurs season.

Meanwhile, our inclusion in the UEFA European Conference League may make our performance within the Premier league worse, travelling to some of the most random European destinations will most definitely fatigue the players on a Thursday night.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom within N17. Even though the Conference League, has some negatives, our inclusion does give us a serious possibility of a trophy. We are arguably the best team in the competition, so we should aim for the win.

Although, it is almost written in the stars for Jose Mourinho’s Roma to beat us in the final. It would be typical Spurs, so be prepared for the inevitable. 

In conclusion, I don’t believe there is much hope for Spurs this season.

Obviously, Nuno and the players might surprise me, but I’m already expecting the worse.

The return of fans will definitely boost the players, so if we all get behind them, maybe something incredible could happen…?

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  1. I totally agree. The managerial appointment was a flat one and for it to take so long. What a bloody mess. Nothing is changing in our transfer dealings. We seem to be over haggling with Bologna for the Japanese defender. Kounde is unlikely to want to come to us. Surely we could offer more money to try and tempt him, but this is Spurs. Ings would be a good signing, but not if he is to replace Kane. Other than Foyth, nobody is out if the door and he’s one who should have had more opportunities. We have older deadwood to remove. I’ve shared a season ticket for about 10 years now. Something must change this season, like us to drastically improve and get Champions League, or I will go back to just a few games each year as the club aren’t meeting our commitment with investing enough on the playing side and their manager/player dealings have been so poor since Levy didn’t back/listen to Poch. We had one blip and he destroyed what was being built.

  2. This is exactly what I was going to say. Especially with the way the fixtures have worked out. But I just hope that D.O.F. can work miracles and levy can mind his own business and stay out of the usual save a couple of pounds syndrome he usually has. Best of luck Coys.

  3. Dont underestimate nuno you have made an almost totally negativestatement about spurs this coming season so typical of a spurs fan theyve had virtually no income for the Last 18 month’s and you want levy to spend money on players firstly they have to sell a few and that wont be easy in the current climate whose going to take them and equal their wages only harry kane and he will be staying anyway and son I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised after a difficult start


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