Opinion: Daniel Levy the genius and visionary

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It’s time to quietly say it…no, to shout it …our Chairman is a genius!

Make no mistake, Spurs are redefining how to run a football club. Not a tweak but a bloody revolution. If I’m honest, I’m jealous as hell. It’s so damn obvious what he has done and is doing. But most innovations and inventions are in hindsight.

Anyone could have done it, but it’s the person who does it that is the brilliance. It’s called Vision, and Daniel Levy is the Visionary.

A world-class stadium, a world-class training facility and a world-class coach and philosophy. This was not luck or bought by artificial money, it was years in the making. It was Daniel Levy’s vision, his energy, his stone-cold determination and focus. He has never wavered or reacted to criticism. Certainly not publicly. 

Like all good leaders, you get experts to head up all parts of the business, especially one that’s a blueprint and vision. It was a little bit chicken and egg. Business v Football. Levy chose to create an infrastructure first that could provide an environment for a team to genuinely compete at the very top. But, more so, he has created a club that has real soul and real passion. Not hollow victory or “bought” boasting rights. 

His vision was to take the best traits from other clubs, add to that brilliant business initiatives from outside of football. He recognised that football needs business and business needs football. 

Levy’s a winner. Make no mistake. He is not complacent or satisfied. His philosophy is to get to the top. His aim is to be the best. He wants that because increases the business value. Hand in hand. That’s good news for us fans. He has taken us from mid-table to top six to top four. And that was whilst developing the plan. The plan is in place. 

Of course, success on the field depends on the coach. A football philosophy. Pochettino is an idealist. He and Levy are possibly the perfect match. It’s Levy that has created the structure that will deliver football success. Pochettino knows exactly where he stands. He also knows he is fully backed. Not one player has been sold without his agreement. 

Daniel Levy deserves recognition. He deserves our appreciation. Football is real for Spurs supporters. It’s genuine passion. It’s not a payday check for mercenary players and managers. He has reinvented our Club. He is reinventing how football can and should behave.

He is the only full-time Chairman owner of any top-flight club. He dedicated himself fully to the cause. He has never held back on spending. He has never cashed in willingly on selling. These are facts. 

I wouldn’t swap Daniel Levy for anyone. We have the perfect responsible owner. Football the Industry is fortunate to have him. Spurs should be proud.

Daniel Levy – genius 

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  1. Wow , how much did he pay you to spout that rubbish ?

    Yes he has done some excellent things.

    Genius ? if he can sort out Alderweireld, Erickson and Vertongen’s contracts without either selling them for a pittance, or leaving for free, I will agree with you.

  2. Best chairman
    Best ground
    Best training facilities
    Best centre forward
    Best ………
    But no trophies so genius is not appropriate as the aim is to win trophies
    Sorry but nice article and maybe if successful this year might well apply

  3. A very good article… I personally feel we’re still short of three experienced players to win the league. However, on the cup front… I anticipate us winning a trophy this season.
    Christian will leave..
    I hope Toby does decide to stay.
    Daniel, has delivered without a shadow of doubt.
    To dare is to do… Forever


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