Opinion: Five Spurs players who let the team and the fans down against Sheffield

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur were absolutely woeful in their Premier League match against Sheffield United this evening, falling to a 3-1 defeat against the Blades.

Harry Kane notched late on to spare some sort of embarrassment in terms of the scoreline, but the Lilywhites will be hanging their heads in shame tonight.

Let’s take a look at the five players who let the side and the fans down today:

Serge Aurier – I’m not sure whether I have ever seen a more dismal crossing performance from a wide player that Aurier today. Wasted so many nice moves in the first half when Harry Kane and company were waiting in the box. In terms of his defending, it was the usual inconsistencies from Aurier.

Davinson Sanchez – Seems to struggle to do the simple stuff when it comes to defending his own box. Sanchez was all over the place today, particularly when Sheffield got in behind and looked to cut it back into the box.

Eric Dier – He started off so well in the first half but it quickly went to pieces. Clearly earmarked as the new leader in the back line for Spurs, Dier went to sleep for every single cut back from the byline, gravitating towards the goal rather than marking the players or the danger areas.

Ben Davies – Disappointing crosses at one end and hopeless defending at the other. Like Dier and Sanchez, Davies kept getting pulled towards his own goal when Sheffield made it to the byline, leaving them with easy tap in after easy tap in.

Heung-min Son – Barely remembered he was playing until the final moments when he set up Harry Kane’s tap-in. Son should be the one driving Spurs up the pitch, keeping the ball, and taking the game to Sheffield. Instead, he rarely found space and the few times he got on the ball, he fell flat.

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  1. Since Mourinho became the manager he’s used Son like a wing back not a winger. It’s definetly a terrible way to use Son. I miss Son under Poch.

  2. There is something painfully and abundantly clear about this present Spurs outfit. They not only lack the requisite drive and hunger to compete convincingly as a top team, the very thought of achieving any meaningful level of success now seems increasingly remote! Indeed you can virtually forget any realistic notion of winning trophies or titles for the time being, as the soul of this once notoriously proud club seems to have been ripped away from its very core. Where once entrenched principles of playing attractive, entertaining and attack minded football, that sat at the very heart and history of Spurs as a footballing entity. have now been reduced to a bunch of individuals running around as headless chickens devoid of any real purpose or reason. And amidst this utter mayhem once arguably prolific,and highly talented players seem lost in a maze of bland repetitive tactical confusion, wilting woefully under the weight and scrutiny of both public and media alike. these once mighty players now plagued so heavily by ridicule and self doubt are the team so visibly unravelling so worryingly. And as the ethics of a previously hard working and high pressing team once so eager to win dissipate gradually and all but vanishing to the distance of the past and former talk of glory long past, it is disdainfully usurped by a plodding dull, insufficient brand of football where individuals appear unable to collectively gel into any perceivable sense of unit or group. They can neither muster the strength or desire to reinvigorate their ranks, or lay down the fight for the challenges which lay ahead of them. It pains me to state how hollow and boring our football has become, and irritates me greatly to ponder why we are not significantly better as before? I am irked by a disturbing fear, that this as a scenario is unlikely to change whilst the football club itself is guided by the clumsy and myopic outlook of both chairman and board as a whole, and their apparent lack of ambition and vision in equal measure? Such is the stranglehold of these penny pinching ideologies toward player development and recruitment over these last years, it has literally and slowly choked the living ambition out of the clubs hope for any noteworthy success and something not lost on either pundits or critics alike. Now the augmentation of being perennial Spursy under achievers, sticks increasingly more to a sullied and downtrodden reputation, so heavily tainted by the further added scorn and derision of opposing fans eager to taunt and inflict at every given opportunity. These echoing haunts of failure antagonise and bay the Tottenham faithful like a demented wailing banshees tormented demonically! Suffice to say If THFC were summarised as a choice pick pop record, sadly I feel it would be the ill-fated ditty by “Talking Heads,” “We’re On a Road to Nowhere” and the only question from here is just how bad can it get?

  3. So much summed up by the Fernandes transfer…now transforming Man U. He was coming to us until Levy imposed impossible conditions to the deal…typical tightwad mentality that destroys any possibilty of genuinely progressing. Heartbreaking when one sees what Chelsea and Man U are doing


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