Opinion: How big of a factor fans could be for Tottenham this season

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The last year and a half have made many people realise how much they take the small things in life for granted. One of these, was the opportunity to gather in large groups.

For the majority of the 20/21 season, games were played behind closed doors, giving us images of baron stadiums. However, with such extreme restrictions no longer with us, I thought I would look at the impact fans could have on our football matches this season.

There is no doubt that fans can make a stadium an intimidating and hostile environment for the opposition. Some of the hardest away days in the world can come in Eastern Europe such as clubs like Red Star Belgrade. The chants, flares and actions from the home fans can make it seem extremely threatening to the visitors.  

Due to this, the pressure evidently gets to the players. Luckily, when Spurs played Red Star, they won 4-0. However, just a year beforehand Red Star created one of the shocks of the UCL as they beat Liverpool 2-0.

For me, this wouldn’t have been possible without the fans, as they effectively carried their players towards the win. The home crowd got into the minds of the Liverpool players, showing just how important the supporters are.

However, what are the statistics between behind closed doors and full capacity games? 

Using footystats, there is a clear difference between the % of away wins when you compare the 19/20 season and the 20/21 season.

In the 19/20 campaign, the home win percentage was 45, whilst, the away win percentage was 31. Meanwhile, in the most recent season, the home win percentage was 38, with the away win percentage being 40 (footystats). 

With the most recent season behind mainly behind closed doors, it clearly shows that the visitors are more likely to hold out their lead. The lack of home fans stopped there from being a hostile and volatile atmosphere towards the visitors.

It was like playing at the training ground (something that Real Madrid did during the 20/21 season), with no fans able to motivate their players.  

With the season quickly approaching and fans back at full capacity, the smaller teams may have a much greater chance of success. The likes of Newcastle and Leeds (who both have incredible supporters) may cause bigger shocks at home due to the crowd.

Many teams will notice the difference from last season, as they are roared on to success. Whilst others won’t be able to tell the difference between this season and last (I’m looking at you Man City).  

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