Antonio Conte becoming manager is the biggest step we have made with regards to Tottenham Hotspur the football club rather than Tottenham Hotspur the business in many years.

Daniel Levy has made some poor decisions during his time at the club and we all (myself included) always make sure he knows that.

Whether it was our commitment to the Super League or our lack of investment in the squad, Tottenham fans made sure their opinions were clear.

Levy is widely regarded as one of the hardest owners to negotiate with in world football. Even the great Sir Alex Ferguson ones described negotiating with Levy as ‘more painful than my hip replacement’.

I think this can also be seen in his dealings with club matters. He comes across as a proud man but this can also be seen from a public point of view as stubborn.

His stubbornness comes across most noticeably when dealing with player outgoings. Carrick, Berbatov and Gareth Bale were just a few that were subjected to Levy’s stern negotiations.

However, this time around, Levy swallowed his pride and made the decision to sack Nuno after only 124 days. I always liked Nuno as a person and wish him well in his future endeavours, unfortunately, though he was never the main to take the reins at Tottenham.

As I said earlier, when Levy makes a mistake we as a fan base are straight onto it and rightly so. However, I feel as though when he does make a good decision we don’t give him the praise he deserves.

I understand in the first place Nuno was never the right appointment, I will not dispute that. Levy and Paratici together made a bad decision (from what I know Paratici was the driving force behind the Nuno appointment), however, I think we need to respect that they rectified their mistake.

Not only did they rectify it, we then went and appointed a top-five manager in the world of football. For the first time in over a decade have I seen our club finally have some level of ambition. The appointment of Poch was never ambitious at the time appointing him was a risk (one now we look back on as being an absolute blessing).

On top of the Conte appointment, we know that the Italian would have never stepped foot near this club if it was not for a promise of financial backing.

Therefore I am going to assume that within the next two windows we are going to see some significant faces coming to North London.

This does not take away from everything that’s happened before however, I feel as though we need to give Levy credit when credit is due.

He has finally shown some real ambition and at the moment I am as happy as I have been in a long while supporting this club.

I just hope that now we see the financial backing that has been rumoured and we can get back to fighting for those elusive Champions League places.

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