Opinion: My four biggest worries after that sorry Newcastle match

Image: SpursWeb

1 – Davinson Sanchez cannot be relied upon.

He is a good player with lots of potential but he is caught out of position far too often. He was at fault for the goal today and his positioning nearly allowed them to get a goal later on in the game. He needs to be replaced by Vertonghen as soon as possible, no matter what is happening with his contract. He is solid and reliable and it is incredibly unlikely that he would have made such poor positioning decisions today.

2 – Without Eriksen, we have no guile.

He is the creative hub in our team. He would most certainly be starting if he wasn’t looking to leave. I don’t know why Pochettino isn’t using him as much as possible before he may potentially leave. He sees passes and players that nobody else in our team can. A skill needed when playing against a team with 10 men behind the ball at all times!

3 – Lucas is an outstanding impact player but not a starter.

When Lucas comes on with half an hour left, he uses his incredible pace against tired opposition to win free-kicks and breeze past players. He started the game and the second half well but I think that he would have scored the chance if he had been subbed on.

4 – Our play is too slow.

It was rare to see any one-touch passing in our play today. Newcastle were resilient and solid but every time a Spurs player had the ball they took too long on the ball and this allowed Newcastle to get back into shape, making it more difficult to get a good attempt on target.

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