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Opinion: My three Tottenham winners and three losers for the week

After one of the most dramatic finishes in premier league history last Wednesday, our match against Chelsea almost felt like the hangover after a night out.

Last week we witnessed history and one of my all-time favourite moments following this beautiful crazy club and I think some of the winners write themselves this week.

However, some of my losers for this week might be a little harder for readers to predict.


Steven Bergwijn

This may be the most obvious winner in my time writing yet.

I mean WOW! I’m still in shock. It is those moments where fans go from pure deflation to elation that make football so special.

After all, seemed lost against Leicester, the Dutch international came on and changed the game in quite spectacular fashion.

He showed great mentality and belief to pick the ball up after scoring the equaliser when many would have dived into the crowd in celebration. A mere matter of seconds later he got his reward.

Of course, overshadowed by his heroics against Leicester, I think he was also one of the better players on the pitch against Chelsea.

Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

Harry Kane

Despite Bergwijns heroics, make no mistake about it, Harry Kane was the true hero against Leicester by a country mile.

It was his best performance of the season yet and he reminded fans of his quality once again. He completely ran the show and, on another day, would have had four or five goals.

He took his goal superbly and the ball through in the final moments was nothing short of world-class.

To show that level of composure in a moment like that just shows how he is still one of the best players in the league.

Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg

He has had his doubter recently, but against Leicester he was fantastic. Covered a lot of space on the pitch and helped us to dominate possession.

The ball he played through to Doherty was superb and something which we don’t see enough from Pierre.

If he can replicate performances like that against Leicester going forward, then I think he will start to win back some of the doubters.


Giovani Lo Celso

This man finds himself on the losers list yet again.

After being left out of the squad against Chelsea, rightfully so, Lo Celso acted completely unprofessionally and posted on his social media that he would have been available.

After the lack of impact Lo Celso has made since arriving, I think he would have been better off keeping quiet and proving on the training ground why he shouldn’t be left out.

Dele Alli

A similar situation as Lo Celso. He didn’t feature against Leicester or Chelsea. But it is what he did off the pitch that lands him on this list.

A sad story as five years to the day as our game against Chelsea was Dele’s spectacular goal against Crystal Palace. I know, where has the time gone.

And five years later as we are 2-0 down to Chelsea, Dele was uploading TikToks. Even sadder is the fact he used to always turn up against Chelsea.

It really is now time to move him on.

Daniel Levy and ENIC

Now it is never easy to know who exactly is to blame when it comes to transfers. However, whoever is to blame deserves a lot of it.

I believe fans were quietly optimistic that under Conte we would finally have a big January. However, here we are once again. 26 days in at the time of writing this and not a single player signed.

It is totally unacceptable and with a man like Conte I fear he won’t put up with this for long.

This is Levy’s final chance to win the fans back. I really fear what will happen if he doesn’t.

With a few days to go in the transfer window, let’s see what happens.

As always, COYS!

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