Opinion: Spurs have had a poor transfer window even if they sign Lo Celso/Fernandes

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In my opinion, this has been a pretty poor transfer window for Tottenham, regardless of who they manage to sign in the dying hours.

Spurs finished in the top four and made the Champions League Final last season. They have a great squad, one of the best managers in the world, and the stadium is now open.

Many expected the Lilywhites to push on and invest ambitiously this window to bridge the gap to City and Liverpool in order to challenge for the title.

However, so far, that simply has not happened.

Sure, Spurs broke their transfer record to sign Tanguy Ndombele, but that was essentially just a long-term Mousa Dembele replacement six months late.

Reports suggest that Spurs could still buy Lo Celso or Fernandes this window, but only if Eriksen is sold (Standard and Diario de Sevilla) So, yet again, money being spent but only with a first-team player going the other way.

This screams of Tottenham just standing still and showing no ambition. Especially when you look at the fact that Trippier was sold without bringing in a replacement and Toby and Jan both have just one year remaining on their current deals. Again, no replacements.

Even if Spurs pull off Lo Celso/Fernandes, and even Sessegnon in the next couple of days, I am still underwhelmed by the progress this summer.

If Spurs don’t get behind the manager very soon, Pochettino walking is the only outcome I see.

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  1. This is Tottenham, not Liverpool or Man utd or Man City. We won’t ever spend hundreds of millions for the sake of chasing dreams. We want to build things based on a solid foundation. Chances are the club will sign another centre half, and one midfielder. All this talk of 2 is almost childish. Where would they play, who do we drop. We need a centre half and a midfielder. No big money deals, they just lead to unaffordable debt.

  2. Couldnt agree more with this artical. You have to spectulate to accumulate. As it stands we have a lower net spend this summer than Mike Ashleys Newcastle all this from a side that finished top four again and got to the champions league final. If we don’t invest now then when?

  3. steve is right. for a start u cannot judge the transfer window for some months to really see if the team improves/stands still/declines; not all players come straight to the new club and set the world on fire. 2ndly this club is aiming for steady progression on all fronts: best stadium, best training ground, 4th best team, consistent inc’some stream to pay for the aforementioned- it’s no good moaning when there’s an 850mill stadium to pay off let alone all the players’ wages… just say to ourselves COYS, and enjoy the ride while the going is good. If however you not only grumble but have a spare 25/50/100 million, donate it to the club and help them onward and upward. without the money it’s all hot air; we fans do not own the club; sorry about that but Messrs Levy and Pochettino are doing well so far

  4. Unfortunately I feel like this is a bad time to compete for the squad…Liverpool and Man C are just in a different class. If this was 5 years ago maybe management would “go for it”, but honestly its just too far a gap to justify huge spending. In any other year this could classify as a solid transfer window, even above average, but compared to rivals it just looks mediocre.


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