Opinion: Spurs should not buy a striker with a 4-4-2 formation in mind

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Since the transfer window opened, there have been numerous rumours linking Spurs with new forwards with the intention of playing two up front.

Danny Ings, Lautaro Martinez, and Dusan Vlahovic have been the main targets to try and make this idea a reality. However, I think Tottenham would be wise to avoid buying a striker for the purpose of playing this formation, and I’d like to explain why:

The effect it would have on Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son is a fantastic player. However, in order to see him at his best, you have to let him play the role that he thrives in. This is a player who should be living in the final third for the most part.

In a 4-4-2, wingers have to be more box-to-box oriented in order to keep the team’s shape and Son has never been the best when it comes to tracking back (see the incident with Lloris vs Everton).

Really, forcing him to play a role like this just doesn’t allow him to shine and be the attacking threat he can be, even if you are getting a good striker to partner Harry Kane.

With an attack-minded full-back in Reguilon as the other player on that left flank, you would risk leaving your centre-backs and goalkeeper quite exposed.

I think Reguilon is pretty decent defensively, however, there would be a lot of potential for the defence to be exposed especially in quick transitions.

The personnel we have right now are not really suited to a 4-4-2

Tottenham right now have a lot of central midfielders. By going from three in the starting XI to two, the Spurs squad just becomes even more bloated.

Ndombele, Lo Celso, Dele, Sissoko, Winks, Hojbjerg, Skipp, that is just too many midfielders if you are only starting two. Realistically you’d have to offload three of those in the next fortnight or there will just be too much congestion and too many upset about a lack of minutes.

Also, you need your wingers and full-backs to be creative outlets and feed your striker’s chances. Son and Reguilon can do that, however, you couldn’t use Tangnaga or Tomiyasu in this sort of role. If Aurier goes, you are stuck with only Doherty who can play like that, and he really struggles defensively.

Also, if you were to get another striker in to play 4-4-2, you would have to buy one, if not two more strikers as cover, otherwise, you would be one injury away from having to completely change your system and philosophy once again.

There would be simply too many personnel changes that need to be made in such a short span of time in order to make 4-4-2 work this season, and even if they shifted all these players out and got all of these types of players in, it would still be a major gamble for other reasons.

Ultimately, I just don’t see the need to force this idea. I think the 4-3-3 is fine if we use it correctly with the personnel we have (and add a few more players, which we all know we need).

I don’t see how the 4-4-2 is necessary and why the club seem so eager to make it a reality.

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