With reports stating that Lo Celso is going to be injured until the end of October, it means that all of Tottenham’s summer signings are now unavailable for selection.

It is a massive disappointment for fans, however, rather than focusing on the negative, I’m trying to see if there are any potential positives.

Firstly, it will give Lo Celso more time to acclimatise to England without having the additional burden of having to play football at the same time. Surely a positive as he gets to improve his understanding of the language and how the team plays.

Secondly, looking at the fixtures, he will be missing games that we should mostly win. The exception being Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

Thirdly, we have Dele Alli to return from injury and it would be difficult for Pochettino to fit Alli, Eriksen, and Lo Celso all into the same team. Also, using players who know each other from last season should bring some more consistent performances.

Obviously, it would be MUCH better if Lo Celso wasn’t injured and when he returns it will give Pochettino another attacking option, more chance to rotate other players, and hopefully avoid any more injuries!

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