Opinion – Tottenham doubters were wrong about Kieran Trippier

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I have mixed feelings about the Kieran Trippier move to Atletico Madrid. I am both happy to see him doing so well and also angry at Spurs for selling the player.

I always said that Tripps should be given another chance and that one bad season was not enough to push him out the door.

In my opinion, he came from the highs of the World Cup to a season hit with injury and fatigue and was judged far too quickly for his poor performances.

What should have happened was Pochettino should have dropped the right-back down a peg and rotated Walker-Peters and Aurier in a bit more to push the England man.

I believe that if Trippier had started this new season at Spurs with his starting spot under threat, he would have pushed on and been better than ever.

Now look at him in Spain, putting in performance after performance for Atletico Madrid. Take a look at Spurs, playing Davinson Sanchez at right-back in the Champions League.

If Spurs knew they were not going to bring in a replacement, the logic of selling such a naturally gifted player angers me.

I also now see a whole lot of people on Twitter stating that we should not have sold him. I didn’t see these opinions back in the summer when everyone wanted him out.

The Spurs management and doubters in the fan base should regret how they treated him and now they are being made to pay for their mistake.

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  1. How are we wrong!? He is playing in a league that has slower pace and less rigorous training. He is 29 and gotten worse. We saw that for England recently. There is a reason he only left for 20 mill instead of more with 4 years left on his deal. He can`t deal with the pace at top level English football. The fact you can`t see that makes you an idiot! You were also banging about Aurier leaving and i wrote that should stay and we all saw the impact he had vs Palace. So stop being arrogant because you can`t cut as one! Moron!

    • Well you’re a delightful fella, aren’t you?

      We are all allowed our opinions mate, I just write mine without calling people morons. I could give you 20 clips of Aurier making mistakes just as bad as Trippier for us, baffles me you think he is any better. He has one good game at home to Palace and now he is amazing? Also you say Trippier is in a slow league, the game I talk about is in the Champions League against the best team in Italy while marking Ronaldo lol. ????????


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