Opinion: The competitions Spurs should prioritise this season ranked 1-3

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Dom Le Roy

It is slowly coming up to 13 years since Tottenham last won a major trophy. For a club the size of Tottenham, it is unanimously agreed among the fans that this is unacceptable and needs to change… now!

The one man renowned for being a serial winner at any club he steps foot into is Jose Mourinho. There are many theories as to why Jose is such a specialist when it comes to accumulating silverware.

It is in my opinion, it is down to one key attribute that the Portuguese manager possesses, his ability to adapt tactics when facing managers with stronger squads at their disposal.

However, at Tottenham, he is facing a very different challenge, to cement Spurs’ place as a top-six club in England. The first thing on his to-do list is to win that ever-elusive trophy that has managed to elude the club for just over a decade now.

Spurs’ recent blockbuster clash against Everton ended 5-4 in favour of the later knocking the North London club out of the FA Cup. Tottenham are now still fighting on three fronts in the form of the Premier League, Carabao Cup and the Europa League.

But which competition should the club be prioritising for this season? I will be putting the three competitions in order of importance, in my personal opinion.

1. Carabao Cup

Tottenham are due to face the Citizens in the final of the Carabao Cup on April 25th (Tottenham Hotspur). This is the club’s first chance to get their hands on a major trophy for this season and could prove decisive for the future of Jose Mourinho’s tenure at the club.

Although definitely not the most glamorous trophy, it is the most accessible at the current time. It is also the most likely for Spurs to win, seeing as they are already in the final and a long way from a Premier League/Europa League trophy.

If Mourinho and co were to add this to the club’s trophy cabinet then it could be just the confidence booster than the side seems to need, hopefully, pushing them to build on this success.

Most importantly, however, this would give the fans a small victory in which has been a very tough decade. Mourinho has come under fire from a small section of fans and the success in this competition may appease those select for a few more months until the start of next season, at the very least.

2. Europa League

A European trophy to add to the very scarce collection currently at Tottenham Hotspur would go a long way in silencing rival fans.

The Europe League this season has multiple teams that have the quality to go all the way in the competition. Teams such as Napoli, Manchester United, AC Milan & Leicester all posing as potential obstacles on Spurs’ way to the final in Gdańsk (UEFA).

However, I do believe if the team can find a solid run of form going into the later stages of the competition then it is clear that we possess the attacking firepower to take on any side left.

It would be an amazing win for the club and, in addition, would give a direct path into next year’s Champions League, potentially handing Mourinho and his squad a bit more leniency when it comes to their final placement in the Premier League.

3. Premier League

The first few months of this season were a nice memory but, unfortunately, reality had to kick in at one point. The Premier League is currently topped by the formidable Manchester City (Premier League) and I cannot see this changing for the remainder of the season.

The best the Lillywhite’s can hope for is a top-four finish. However, this feat in itself will still not be easy with the team struggling to find consistency and injury problems starting to pile up in all areas.

The Premier League is a long and gruelling season and with players such as Harry Kane being injury prone (TransferMarkt), it can lead to inconsistency in team sheets which in turn can see a downturn in results.

Finally, in terms of the League, the reason that the top four is so vital to clubs is to then enter into the Champions League for the next season. So, if the Europe League goes to plan, it would be a lot easier to take were we not to make one of the top four spots.

In conclusion, I believe it to be absolutely pivotal that we win at least one trophy this season and, at this point, I am really not too concerned about what form of silverware that comes in.

Therefore, I believe that our most important scheduled fixture so far this season is the one against Manchester City for the Carabao Cup.

Any other successes would be a bonus but with the drought that currently plagues our club, I think baby steps may be in order.

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