Opinion: Why a Tottenham move for Dušan Vlahović should happen in January

Dusan Vlahovic
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Unfortunately, it is clear for all to see that Harry Kane’s heart is not at this club anymore.

Since his widely speculated move to Manchester City failed to materialise, Kane has since seen a significant dip in form.

Kane’s dip in form is not what concerns me, my concern with him is his obvious lack of desire and I would even question his effort in the Premier League in recent weeks.

I was unfortunate enough to attend the Chelsea match late last month, where every time the ball was played forward to our number nine I witnessed a half-interested effort to compete with the Chelsea centre backs for the ball.

The whole time he seemed to let the game pass him by, there was no fight in him, which is what I expect as a minimum from every player who puts on the shirt.

I cannot see Kane being here at the start of next season. I think it is in the best interest for both club and player to move him on, Kane will get his desired move and hopefully, the club will receive a sizeable fee for one of the worlds best.

Vlahović for me would be the perfect choice for a Kane replacement. I understand no one can replace Kane like for like but for purely his goal output I would be looking at the young Serbian.

In recent days it has been reported by Fabrizio Romano that our sporting director Paratici claims the forward is ‘not in our plans for now’.

However, I would not take these comments as final; agents, managers, directors, players etc. always like to respect the players current club by not creating rumours.

In the same tweet, Romano also reported that Vlahović has turned down the final contract offer from Fiorentina and has planned to leave the Italian club.

There will undoubtedly be a bidding war for the young forward, most likely in the summer. That is why we need to make our move in January.

As per reports from Calciomercato, an approach was made in the summer, however, the move did not progress due to the price tag of around £51 million.

In the upcoming January window, his price tag will most likely be reduced heavily due to Vlahović’s refusal to sign a new contract.

January is notorious for being the slower window with clubs tending to resort to signings that are more of a necessity.

For example, we tend to see clubs bring in short term replacements for currently injured players such as Ben Davies joining Liverpool when Van Dijk was sidelined for the rest of the 2019/20 season.

Not only will a bid in January hopefully mean some other interested parties will be unable to put forward a rival offer, it will also mean that we can integrate him into the squad through the second part of the season. Too many times have players moved from abroad and not been able to hit the ground running.

If we were able to slowly phase him in through the rest of the season it would take the pressure off him to perform from minute one knowing Kane will be there as the main man still.

Alternatively, if he was brought in during the summer window and Kane were to leave, we would be in a situation where we would be relying on Vlahović to be our only striker.

This goes against everything that has happened at this club in the past and if I were being honest with myself this has a one in a million chance of happening.

However, I can still hope that one day the club may do something that would actually benefit us on the field rather than just off it.

This would be an unprecedented move for the club to bring in a top, young, sought after talent however I think the imminent departure of the best player and main goal threat is also somewhat unprecedented.

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