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A United fan once casually strolled up to me and asked: “You know what the FC after ‘Tottenham Hotspur’ stands for, right?” At the time I was sure I did but I stood corrected. “Feeder Club,” is what he insisted. This was post-Carrick and post-Berbatov. Our once talismanic Irishman had also recently ventured north, turning a different shade of red to the other two. Levy, despite recuperating massive funds from these sales, had become a hugely unpopular figure amongst the White Hart Lane faithful.

“You know the FC after ‘Manchester United’ stands for something quite different, right?” I had quipped back. It’s the sort of “FC” a disgruntled ‘Arry Redknapp might use. But all the swearing the world wasn’t going to change the fact he was right. We had become a feeder club.

How times have changed. Having coughed-up more cash than pretty much anyone else in the League over the last few years (City and Chelsea aside), Levy capped the dry summer of 2010 with the exquisite acquisition of Rafael Van der Vaart, placing himself firmly back in the good books. But two of the most important signings of recent times have been that of players already on our books: Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Success in the shape of a fourth-place finish has allowed us the luxury of keeping on to our stars.

But with the rumoured big-money move for Bale this summer (from the FCs at United?), only time will tell if his head has been turned. But Levy’s investment and Redknapp’s direction have not only brought said success, but a squad that rivals the very, very best. Carrick, Berbatov and Keane were never really replaced – the latter even by himself – but Bale is different.

Just a year ago there was talk of him leaving for Nottingham Forest. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s as good as anyone in the Premier League right now. He is our in-form “star” player. I would be devastated to lose him, but he’s not irreplaceable. No one in this Spurs squad is. When Modric got injured I thought we had blown it, but Bale stepped up, as did Niko. At times we seemed reliant on Lennon but we copped with his injuries and his dips in form. And Defoe – with his stop-start approach to scoring – was complimented Pav and Crouch. King – consistently our best player when on the pitch – was replaced by Bassong almost seamlessly.

We have plenty of star players in this Spurs team. Defoe, Lennon and Palacios will hit their strides again, Modric and Bale will continue to impress, and Van de Vaart and Sandro will set the Premier League alight. Ridiculous home defeats to relegation-threatened teams aside, it’s a good time to be a Spurs fan.

By Anthony Pearce

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  1. We were not, and ARE not a feeder club. How could you say that? It was a remark made by someone trying to provoke you. You could say the same about them to Real Madrid. But it still isn't true. We are run by astute businessmen – the Carrick and Keane deals were fantastic business, and ultimately the Berba deal was too (initially painful). Nothing to do with feeding any club. Merely 3 players does not make us a feeder – where Wigan have sold a team's worth in the last 3 years on to bigger clubs.

  2. I personally wouldnt have been too gutted had modric gone for mega money, this would have given Kranjaer more playing time who in my opinion is the better player. Theres no doubt that Modric is technically gifted and at times wonderfull to watch, but you cant argue the fact that 3 goals and 3 assists last season for a creative midfielder is nowhere near good enough, Kranjaer notched up more than double the amount of goals and assists whilst playing fewer games. Agreed Bale is turning into a real asset but if we were to have sold Modric for around £25mill and brought in a striker of the same value id have been happy!

  3. Times have changed in that there are too many good players at Tottenham for the loss of one to drive the team back into Obscurity Lane. But the only real way to keep the best is to keep improving. The reason we've hung onto everyone this summer is the Champions League.

    This article could have been aimed at Van Der Vaart, as not two weeks ago he was quoted as saying that the only way to avoid going downhill if you leave Royal Madrid, was to end up at Man United. He also grew up a United fan (inasmuch as Edgar Davids grew up Spurs).

  4. Your absolutely right Anthony it's a great time to be a Spurs fan. I wish that more of our fellow fans were 'glass half full' people like you!

    As much as it will be nice to watch England on a Friday night with a few beers, I'm still disappointed that it will be another 8 days before we get a look at Van der Vaart and the rest of the lads.

    Everyone seems to think that we'll struggle to emulate last year's performance but as far as I can see we've strengthened in comparison with what's now being called the 'Big Five'…….well sorry Liverpool Fans you only qualify for the title of 'Big Five Debts' and Man City, you may get some short term success but the days of buying success are coming to an end thanks to M. Platini.

    All we need is for Keano to his head right and we've got a very happy and talented squad!


  5. I don't think Palacios is a star. I think he, along with Benoit "I want to try and skin your strikers" Assou Ekotto, are our two weak links and maybe should be replaced this season. Don't get me wrong, when Ekotto is good, he's great, but he Fu*king terrifies me.

  6. And long may the Americans own the Northern Reds. With them in charge they won't be able to afford our best players. Besides, which squad looks the more promising ? Liverpool ( also rans bar an injury prone Spaniard and a 30 year old going downhill bin tipper ) Man United ( Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, Van der Saar and Giggs won't last forever ) or our squad where realistically it's only Ledley and Gallas who are on the downside of their careers ( but hopefully Ledders might squeeze 2 or 3 more years yet ).

  7. Very good article – very excited about being a yid – just wish there was Prem this weekend

    Paul – you're very wrong about Modders, he's an all round player, he'll get stuck in and is a cleverer player at knowing defensively where he needs to be that Kranky – Modders touch and ability to keep possession in tight tight situations and games puts him into a different league

  8. fck UTD and their red nosed wanker of a manger hopefully the begin to go backwards and I wouldnt shed a tear if they went bust, every year they try and unsettle someone in our team have been doing it for yrs, fck them.

  9. The clock is ticking for MUFC AND LFC and the longer the yanks stay there and destabilise them the better for us,they are being bled dry and not improving and so unable to buy our best players.We need to do our part and grab this chance and not offer performances like the one against Wigan.Times are changing and the future can be bright for us.

  10. Spurs will never be the club that MUFC and LFC were in their golden years guys. Sorry to disappoint ye. Its all money driven today and I know your hating MUFC and LFC but u not think maybe more players should be like Gerrard and be loyal to a club and a manager. Instead u blame the clubs for wanting to buy good players, maybe the players should love the football as much as us fans do rather than being bought. Just a thought lad!


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