Over £4m a goal – Defoe’s a bit dear!

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I got loads of abuse for saying before the season started that Peter Crouch’s goals had cost his various clubs over 300K each. But what about the price of JD?

After signing from Portsmouth for 14M, Jermaine’s three so far have cost us over 4M each. What a bargain! He says that hard work in the gym while he was injured has paid off, making him stronger than he’s ever been. Stronger and more confident. Harry thinks the same and he’s known him since he was 17. Every club in the Prem, top four included would kill to get hold of him right now. Especially old Purple Nose at Old Trafford who was settling back, congratulating himself on snapping up Michael Owen for nothing. When you pay nothing, you get nothing as Harry might say, especially when chatting to the Chairman.

You do get the feeling with Crouch, Keane and Pav all scrambling to get into the side alongside Defoe that there’s more come. Probably this weekend if you follow the rule about players returning to clubs, and the last time I looked the Spammers only had one decent defender at the back. Not enough!

I liked that Celtic chant to the Arse, “We’ve got more Englishmen than you.” They had one, Wenger had none, and quite possibly that’s the way he likes it. We have plenty and it’s important to include the spirit of the English game alongside international flair. Harry wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Just to clear up the maths problems, I am only talking about transfer fees, not including wages, and only this season! That’s how you get the over 4M figure.

If the professors want to do a different sum and prove how wrong I am – be my guest. Comment is free.

By Phil Rowson

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