Palacios wants future move to a bigger club


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Tottenham’s Wilson Palacios admits he hopes to join Real Madrid in the future.

The Honduran international has impressed at White Hart Lane since joining for £12million in January 2009 and is targeting a move to one of the giants of European football.

“I am really happy at Tottenham but I will continue working for a future move to a bigger club,” Palacios said in The Sun.

“I would love to play for Real Madrid.

“Today, many people respect me in England. That’s because of my hard-working attitude.”


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  1. Tell what happen some Liverpool bias report asked a loaded question , along lines of if real Madrid came in for you would you be interested , most players would say yes this is spoiler so spurs team can be unsettled, I have it under good authority if Liverpool don’t get champion league he off to real in summer for 60 million

  2. Until Spurs start to regularly make The Champions League this sort of talk will always happen. You can’t blame Wilson for having a dream about playing for Europe’s top teams, lets hope its a long way off.

  3. nothing wromg with the guy having dreams like the rest of us and its a good thing that if he plays well and only if he helps us get to the champs league will he get noticed anyway..

  4. Spurs or Real Madrid, know which one I would choose………..Spurs of course god damn it!!!!!!! If that is his ambition then so be it, perhaps he should keep quiet about his personal aspirations and instead talk about wanting to achieve great things where he is and help the club to progress. Persoannly I don’t think he is the type of player Madrid want, but as always he is one of those Spurs idols you would hate to loose.

  5. Can’t blame him for wanting to better himself i suppose, if we get 3-4 good seasons out of him and Madrid come in with a £40 mill plus offer, then let him go, why would anyone want a player to play for a team, when his heart is elsewhere, look at Berba, the knob jockey.


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