Pav: I have a feeling that our manager is mocking me


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Roman Pavlyuchenko has been quoted in the Russian media as stating that Harry Redknapp is “mocking” him by leaving him out of the Tottenham Hotspur team.

The Russian striker has failed to hold down a first-team place under Harry Redknapp and has barely played 60 minutes of Premier League football this season.

Pavlyuchenko said: “You cannot even imagine how tired I am of sitting on the bench. Do you want to hear a joke in London? It goes: Harry Redknapp put Roman Pavlyuchenko into the starting line-up.

“For me it would be funny if it was not so painful. I have a feeling that our manager is mocking me.”

He also claimed that the Spurs boss told him he would get a chance to play in the Carling Cup encounter with Manchester United at Old Trafford, only to be named as a sub.

“On the eve of the match he asked me to come to see him. He said: ‘Tomorrow will be a chance to show your best in front of 75,000 spectators. We need to use it.’ He used it by keeping me on the bench for 90 minutes.”


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  1. Why put a player on the bench and then not play him even when you are 0-0 this is cruel in any language and there is not one Spurs fan who could say hand on heart he is that bad he cant even come on has a sub. Harry saying he wants top money is even more remarkable surely the best way to archive this is to bring him on against Fulham and he scores the winner then Harry’s statement would have some substance.I like Harry being our manager but all this Tax problems cant be good for is player management skills and he should bring Jamie on board to help him in this tough period in Harrys and spurs season.Good luck Pavlyuchenko and thanks for getting us to Wembley with your goals.COYS

  2. Come on now, Pav was crap against Everton in the previous round of the Carling Cup, why she he get a run this time around. He has been talking himslef out of Spurs for a year, what an attrocious attitude.

  3. crouch was crap, can’t dribble, always fell when kicking/passing a ball. His head is only his skills. Keane was crap too. Huddlestone & Palacios were crap against Arsenal, man u, stoke & wolves but all of these players keep playing week in week out.
    Pav was crap for 2 games & he was dropped for a whole season. Agree with therumourman, thanks Pav for getting us to Wembley.


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