Pav perplexed at Loko move collapse


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Roman Pavlyuchenko has blasted manager Harry Redknapp, feeling his boss is making fun of him.

Pavlyuchenko has found playing time hard to come by this season and has struggled to find a reason why his move to Lokomotiv Moscow was blocked.

“Sometimes I have a feeling that Redknapp jeers at me. I told him that it cannot be this way anymore, since I wouldn’t help my team with sad thoughts in my mind.

“I need to play football, otherwise people will only have memories from the player Pavlyuchenko and they won’t need him anymore.

“I only think about my move from Tottenham. Lokomotiv made a really worthy offer and if I sit on the subs’ bench, they won’t offer the same sum in the summer.

“Redknapp is ready to let me go, but I still keep on watching our games from the bench.

“At the same time, I am convinced that the head coach doesn’t need my serivces, he doesn’t see me in his playing schemes. So why doesn’t he agree to sell me then?

“By sitting on the bench I will lose my place in the most important team for me – in the national team. Alexandr Borodyuk called me and said that coaches still count on me, but it can’t last forever. Though I try to train in full measure.

“It’s hard to assess myself, however i give 100% during training as I understand that otherwise I would lose my place in football once and for all.

“But I don’t see any future for myself at Tottenham. it’s a really big club with super fans who like me. However, I think it’s an end of the story, not with the team but with the head coach.

“My agents and friends persuaded me to stay at the club half a year ago and told me that I would get a chance and Redknapp also said that I would play for sure.

“The result was I featured in six or seven games, having ten minutes of playing time. I am absolutely sure that will be repeated in the next three months.

“Just look at the situation. The head coach does not see the player in the team, while the player wants to leave. They have a worthy offer from the other club and at the same time nothing happens. I need to change the club, not only to play football, but for an emotional boost.”

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  1. first time he’s mentioned the great support from the fans. if only he knew that the majority of us would rather he played than gudjohnsen or crouch, or at least was 1st choice substitute when we’re losing/drawing with 30 mins to go. bloody redknapp.

  2. Redknapp did say when he gets a good offer for Pav he would let him go. Now he is going back on his word. Do we need that sort of a person leading our team. Someone who doesn’t keep to his word. Its obvious majority of Spurs fans think and know that Pav is definetly better than Crouch and Guds. We all can’t be wrong?

  3. I to don’t like what Harry is doing to Pavlyuchenko but i have just learnt to spell is name because he is sulking or of back to Russia. What has upset Harry is Pav giving his gloves away like he was leaving after scoring a good goal .I think Harry will play him he he shuts up Russia is not that good you need Gloves a hat and a scarf to play there .The funny thing is he has spoken to Harry my arse he cant Speak English and when is agent went to Levey H. flipped and told is agent the Sun is players are asking why there player is not being selected whta Leey needs to say to Harry dropp the Sun and keep your comments in house.

  4. harry is playing the bully card! he isnt letting pav go because he is getting off on treating someone like crap and they cant do anything about it.if pav aint playing,let him go,but i want to see him play!!! hes twice the player gudjohnsen is and he is better then crouch!!! AGAIN its favourtism from redknapp,crouch can not score a goal all season,and pav can hit 5 goals in two games.but redknapp will ALWAYS find a excuse to drop pav and play sick of it!! and he wanders why we are slipping in the table!! load of crap


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