Pav: I am tired of being treated like this


Roman Pavlyuchenko

Frustrated Spurs forward Roman Pavlyuchenko has warned manager Harry Redknapp he will quit the club if he is kept on the bench.

The Russian came off the bench yesterday to set up Niko Kranjcar for Tottenham’s winner in the 2-1 win against Bolton.

Pav said: ‘It is absolutely inconceivable why Redknapp keeps me on the bench.

‘I am tired of being treated like this. Now, until the summer transfer window, I am forced to stay.

‘Then, if nothing changes, I am going to demand to be sold or at least to be sent on loan.

‘It is not the money I am after. You can get nicely paid sitting on the bench. But I want to play football.’

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  1. I dont blame him. Id prefer If he kept his head down and saID nothing but it is understandable. HR keeps picking Defoe ahead of him I mean wtf Defoe is having a terrible season hasnt scored a PL goal in about a century genearally contributes nothing and still gets his game everyweek. Drop Defoe and give Pav a run it is the logical thing to do.


  2. Harry may have his reasons to start a match with Crouch and Defoe leaving out Pav on the bench. But what I cannot understand is why he does not get Pav to replace them early when they are not playing well.

  3. Harry's man management is horrible. So much talent, Pav, DosSantos, Walker, etc all left frustrated. What is his problem? Soon Kranjcar will go too. But what does he care? He will be leaving Spurs for England. Why does Jenas, Defoe have to start? When other players have a bad game, they r frozen out for ages. But his favs continue to be rubbish but still gets to start.

  4. PAV is our best striker by far and i realy dont get it why he doesnt start a game …the fans loves him because they can see the quality.its a shame realy whith all this nice players around him now he could get a 20 goals a season for sure .manager is good but i think he is using defoe because he is english .

  5. Ridiculous comments from “spursmalaysia”, who should he take off for krancjar.. Modric? Bale? VDV? Lennon? Even Jenas brings a drive to the team and is more defensive than Niko. DosSantos has never played well in a Spurs shirt. Pav is the laziest player I’ve seen in recent seasons – should have offloaded him last summer.

    • You need to open your eyes mate, Harry is the luckiest manager on earth. he boasts we have a great squad yet never uses them. What does he see in crouch, he is a striker that cant score goals? terrible. same for defoe , dreadful. He only played bale last year when bae was injured and was going to loan him to forrest, remember his comments about darren bent? look at bent now free from harrys shackles and cofidence shattering management style, he should put a bit of trust in pav give him a run like he did last year and watch the goals fly in. harry for england ASAP

  6. he shoul take bale off,because bale didnt do almost anything in PL…and we lost with him nice flow of the game like we had with niko last year…harry forgotten that kranjcar saved us being 4. at the end…bale only estroyed maicon,nothing else,usually he is destroyed by ohter fullbacks in PL…kranjcar from beginning,than bale introtuced later on….anyone can see that we can play like barcelona with 3 creative midfielders in Niko,Luka and VDV …and we really need only one fast wing like lennon showed us yesterday…if we use two of the lennon and bale we become this season like any usual english team doing fast counterattacks…nothing else…look at our games this season…only few of them were comfortable…but last year with niko we were crushing them all in possession…just remember those games with kranjcar,far more beautiful tahn now with bale,the whole team was playing better…

  7. bale should be on sale ass soon as possible now when he has big price,and harry should go to england national as soon as possible to,and some REAL manager should tako it from now on…

  8. marclondon is a fool ,, I knew Harry eventually couldnt keep Pav happy so I knew this was already coming, sad to say but I think this might be the beginning of Spurs decline and history will repeat itself. We had a good chance to go to the top and become a world class club and we are going to blow it and even if we get rid of Harry I fail to see which manager will pick up where he left from and make us a world class club. I hope I'm wrong.

  9. If pav wants to be a 90 minute player, he should start acting like a 90 minute player. He drifts in and out of games, doesn’t track back and doesn’t defend. No doubting his quality but there’s more to a team game than quality alone.

    • ive watched quite a few games this season where pav has spent much of his time deep in midfield casing hopeless causes and defending when he shouldnt need to. give the bloke some game time where he can actually be up front attacking.

  10. com'on melospurs,even shaquille o'neal can make better team plan of tottenham than harry…someone made nice qoute on this forum on some topic few weeks ago.he sad that harry id amazing job making the team like we have at the moment,but now he is not capable to upgrade us on another level,on a level of top class team like you said also…we need a manager with a visin and a true football style…he needs a real inteligent team system,he just cant go on with replacing the position with whatever player,he must know how to completely transform team style in case of replacing someone from starting eleven,he cant just substitute him with another one playing on same position and same assigments…ferguson is god at this…

    and i didnt want to spit on bale,i just wanted to say that player like bale can easy be stopped just by taking two players on him,nothing special and nothing new,but in case of one more midfielder like niko we have pure possession football,and in that case we cant be stoped because than it doesnt matter who is on the pitch because our three midfielder will make ayone play…thats only my opinio,nothing else…comparing the games of last year to this one,there is a huge degradation in team play an beauty of football…now we have only few individual action in game,last year we had it all time…only game this year similar to one last was manchester city coming to us on a first leg…that could be happening on all of our games….if bale didnt pull up those goals on inter it would be very though to beat them…i am actually 100% sure that if we use ability of our all three playmaker we can really really dominate the premiership…

    and that the second half is introduced fresh bale instead of kranjcar,it would be real demolishion of every opposition team,two completely different game styles introduced…now harry on use this one with fast wingers…but just think of this new one,if for example bale is closed in some match (like manchester)…can anyone battle up with barcelona and chelsea combined in the same team… :))

    and just imagine tottenham without modric…we would be somewhere in the middle of table,nothing special…and why is that? he is a possession talisman,extreme creation in him…and we have kranjcar on team who is similar to him in creativity (even more if you ask me)…but those two combined who could actually pressure us up,we will hide ball for 90 minutes…look at the croatia – germany on euro 2008,…ballack was rasing hands like where is the ball,he didnt see the ball like 1 hour…and we have those two craotians in our team,can you imagine that…and harry use two wingers instead of that…harry is for circus,thats for sure…and can take jenas,palacios,defoe with him…

  11. I am starting to think that a large percentage of Spurs fans are either illiterate or plain stupid (punctuation and grammar) however the comments about Harry's team selections, inability to alter our style of play and refusal to rotate squad members is begining to scare me !!!!!!
    I personally feel Pav showed plenty of grit and determination against Bolton, he has maybe turned the corner. He was tracking back, fighting for the ball (even won a few in the air!!! ) and his supply to other team members was superb.. FFSAKE harry try rotation of play …..Pav Defoe for the first hour then if needed introduce crouchie for the long ball knockdown or crouch up front with VDV then for second half Pav Defoe when opponents legs are a bit tired. Also rotate midfield start off with a Hard midfield to batter the opposition and let loose on the wings with speed then rotate the midfield and play direct creative game in the second half .
    Sounds easy even for an armchair punter . But give me a couple million quid a year and I could do a better job of trying to vary play . No its not a punt for his job (Mind You ?????)

  12. He has been lucky to get any minutes. If I was the manager he would have been sold to the highest bidder after the first season he was here! He is weak, both mentally and physically and will NEVER be able to compete in the EPL. He scores the odd Hollywood goal from his average of 20 shots from unlikely positions, apart from that he is useless. Doesn't work, doesn't fight, never wins headers, poor touch, worse awareness, no pace basically has nothing that is needed to succeed in England. Best he leave!

  13. rich are you blind? …at least i suppose you have big dioptric glassess…because of what are you saying you are an idiot or just a kid….

  14. i honestly feel for Pav. he is a fan favorite and has scored more goals than Crouch and defoe all seen and yet made less appearences than them. what a waste can’t remember he was given a run of say 5 games. you know he would probs get 2 in the first 5 then maybe 3 or 4 in the next 5. He’s a confidence player. let him know hes wanted and he will fight for tottenham. not going to lie harry needs to stop being so loyal to his favorites and pick the in fourm team. which means no defoe and or no crouch. kranjar pav in.


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