Pavluchenko to be used as makeweight


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Former Spurs striker, Fredi Kanoute, could be in for a shock return to the club if the Metro is to be believed.

They claim that he could be offered a route back to White Hart Lane in exchange for Russian outcast, Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The Russian’s agent has claimed Pavlyuchenko has lost all confidence at White Hart Lane and Redknapp could use him as bait in order to land the Malian international.

Kanoute has been in sparkling form for the Spanish outfit, as they have threatened Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as win two consecutive UEFA Cups.

He still is held in high regard by Redknapp after their time together at West Ham, whilst he has also forged a successful partnership with Jermain Defoe in the past as well.

Should Sevilla not be interested, Spurs could use Valencia’s interest in Pavlyuchenko to land left-sided winger, Vicente.

Vicente has been unable to force his way into new coach Unai Emery’s plans after a history of injuries and Redknapp will apparently use that to lure the Spaniard to the Lane.

Spurs landed Niko Kranjcar in the summer, but Redknapp wants further options on the left side of his midfield.

Vicente has struggled for the past three seasons with a string of injuries and is seen as a player Redknapp could help revive his career.

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  1. Kanoute is settled in spain, playing champs league and will prob do so again next year. He is also going to the ANC in Jan. BTW he is now about 32 (ish). Pav is 27 and worth (at least in Levy’s mind) 12 – 15 million, whereas Kanoute’s paper value is far less, so there’s a few reasons a deal wont happen. Also Kanoute would expect first team football, so perhaps Harry could play four strikers and only two midfielders?? Agree with Aberdeen Andy anyway – he was nothing special when he was here – often a lazy, frustrating player. Finally, if he stays in Seville he gets to watch Zokora’s driving pointless runs – I kind of miss them (allthough JJ has tried a few recently)

  2. I would rather we just have 3 strikers and sell Pav for cash – he sits on the bench earning thousands a week and does the same when he comes on the pitch – nothing. Put the money towards replacing King or some padded seats for the new stadium!

  3. Aberdeen Andy – thanks for the insult, if thats what it was. I come on forums to read news/other people’s opinions and state mine, which I can normally mange without insulting fellow Spurs fans. I’ll stick with my comments about Kanoute but in order to be consistent are you planning to call Bassong and BAE deserters when they go to the ANC in Jan and state that they should never be allowed back? As far as I am aware BAE could qualify for France so he is much the same as Kanoute in opting to play for an african country.

  4. Aberdeen Andy would you criticise Robbie Keane for going to play for Ireland??? I wonder why some of you will not get off the back of African players who put in lots of efforts for Spurs! I was so happy watching Zokora play for Serville and putting in good energy into their midfield which we so desperately lacked against Ar5ena1!!! The difference, I noticed was that Serville played like a team with all the players tackling and covering for one another unlike the pathetic midfielders we now have(appart from Palacios) who can’t tackle and dispossess a 10 yr old!

  5. Hey Aberdeen Andy,

    Maybe Spurs should sign a few Scottish players to cover for the Africans…..fook all chance of them being involved in a major tournament!

    King Kanoute’s a quality player, but until (and I hope it’s soon) we get into the CL we can’t expect to keep 4 senior professionals happy… give one of the youngsters a chance!


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