Pennant and Benjani to Spurs? Surely not!


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So, the latest transfer rumours amongst Tottenham Hotspur fans seem to be linking us with moves for Jermaine Pennant and Benjani.

We may be crying out for a winger, but do Spurs fans really want to see the former Arsenal player turning out for our beloved Spurs?  He may be a free agent, but surely that still doesn’t make it a good deal.

As for Benjani, who is said to be keen on a move from Manchester City to Tottenham,  (where he is about fifth in the pecking order) we all know that Harry Redknapp originally signed him for Portsmouth, but is he really the calibre of player we want to lead our attack?  His record on the south coast was 19 goals in 70 appearances, and he failed to score in his first fourteen games for the club.  Is that the sort of goal return we should expect?

What’s your view on the latest round of transfer rumours?  Have your say below.

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  1. you know what when is enough enough i cant seem to think the last time i read a story with a happy vibe if its not downing thats not good enough its someone else…why r you never fing happy…we are not gonna get the best of the best its not gonna happen we dont even have europe so what we need to do is worry about this season and next get into europe with a little tinker here and there and move on at the end of the day did the top 4 take many points of us with the player we had?

  2. This is just has bad has the one stating all of the spurs team are up for sale except three. we have bale dosantos bentley moderic why would we even spend money on a medical for a player with a record second to joey barton and a striker that would be 6th choice behind obika .another chip paper rapper

  3. Just aint good enough,why are we even considering these donkeys if we are.I hope its just media crap.Spurs deserve better,even if we aint in Europe.

  4. We have to be realistic, in this climate we just cannot compete with the Man City’s and Real’s so we have to do our best to get second best and with Levy being directed by one of the shrewdest operators in the business (Redknapp) I am sure we will come good. Just look at Harry’s dealings at Portsmouth and how he improved them no-end and the wonders he worked with West Ham.

    Give Harry and the board time, let him work his ‘magic’ and I am sure Spurs will be a top 5 team very soon.

  5. For a while now your stories have been picking up the worst of the ITK crap. What has happened to the integrity TSW had?. Like Harry R. said, we will only buy to improve. If we can’t we go with what we have. Sounds right to me. Outside the top 3 The others would bleed for our squad

  6. Sorry to disagree guys, but I think these two players would be good additions to the squad. Certainly not starters, but as cover for Lennon and another quality bigman (presuming Bent and Pav are both off) they represent very astute signings. Harry was in the press just recently talking about Man U signing Owen, and how he was always on the lookout for a good bosman, and how he felt they could be just as good as big money signings. Could very well be truth in these rumours.

  7. For those of you saying we shouldn’t be expecting the best then surely you can see that neither of these players are better than the current crop.

    Can you see Benjani fitting in with Keane, Defoe, Bent and Pavlyuchenko. It wouldn’t happen, he’d be second best to all of them and therefore a pretty pointless signing. If Harry is so intent on offloading Bent and Pav, surely Benjani as a replacement is a joke?

    And as for Pennant, he can be good on his day but he’s too inconsistent and his jail record isn’t what we need. Plus with the likes of Lennon Bentley Modric and Bale, why would you want Pennant?

  8. I don’t really mind if we sign Pennant. He was on the verge of the England squad at Liverpool and if Bentley goes, we need cover for Lennon. We need to spend big on a number 9 and probably a left sided midfielder, so Pennant could be the ideal solution for cover on the right. Who cares if he played for Arsenal, so did Bentley, didn’t stop him scoring a wondergoal at the new Library did it? As for Benjani – no chance.


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