No permanent deal for Woodgate


Jonathan Woodgate will not get a new permanent deal when his contract expires at Tottenham in June.

The defender has suffered years of injury hell and has only managed to play seven games since May 2009.

Redknapp said: ‘Wherever he goes, he’s only going to have a pay-as-you-play deal.’

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  1. Oh thats a shame cos it was nice to know we cant pay top wages for players but are happy to pay King and Woodgate about £150,000 per week in total!!! What a joke of a club we really are!!!!

    • Bit harsh. United have been playing top wack for Hargreaves and he's hardly even played for them at all!
      Some perspective, King played more games than Ferdinand last season. He should retire though, lest he become a cripple. Especially as we're unlikely to be in the CL next year, why do that to himself.

      The club took gambles on these two players and this term it hasn't payed off. However, King has played some games this season, people forget the amount of injuries we've had at the back there. He was there when we needed him. As was Woody against Milan.

      But yeah, time to move on. It has not been great for partnership building or the other centerbacks if whenever King is fit he goes straight back into the team on Saturday morning regardless of how well whoever has been playing there has been playing. Kabul has come on a lot! Gallas will last another season, maybe more.

    • . If a player is on a contract you cant just refuse to pay them if they're injured. What the club has done is not offer him a conteact due to his long term injury. What else were we supposed to do?

    • Its called being under contract, blow me there are stupid people about!.If we didn't sign them under a deal and they proved their fitness and walked for nought, you'd then be saying what a joke of a club we are!

  2. I agree release him at the end of the season. Milky bar kid how are we suppose to pay top wages when we don’t generate enough income? We need a bigger stadium pronto.

  3. Letting Woodgate go was the only realistic option for Spurs, we can't hold onto a player for the sake of him being able to play maybe a handful of games in a season, Woodgate will go down in Spurs history for being the man who scored the winning goal against Chelsea in the Carling Cup Final, i personally wish him all the best in the future. As for Ledley, it might be time for him to consider retiring from playing and taking on a coaching role at the club as defensive coach, what do people think?

  4. I suppose another thing to think about is quotas. If you can only name 25 players over 21 (or whatever it is), then Woodgate looks like a pretty big risk. He is/was class, and it'll be a shame, but, having players who can turn out and play together consistently for the forseeable future is surely a much better option.

    Dawson's as good as ever
    Gallas – as said another season or so
    Kabul has come on leaps and bounds and matured. (Kabul and Dawson should be more or less first choice next season)
    Bassong has regressed. Perhaps not quite the grade?

    So, with King in mind, do we think we want one more? The young lad Steven Caulker is supposed to have had a cracking season for Guss Poyet. You're not going to want to rely on him in any capacity, but a game here and there perhaps. Corluka can also play center back as can Tom, although you don't really want to take him out of midfield. Kyle Walker will probably be with us next season, so we're not in too bad shape. An understudy for Benoit?

  5. we should play Walker , O'hara (if we can get him back) and Caulker next season cos they cant be more crap than the players we've got.we finished nowhere and thats a crap team.


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