Photo: North London is ours – artwork in new stadium is a clever dig at Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new 62,062 seater capacity stadium has been generating rave reviews from supporters and journalists who attended Sunday’s test event.

Every aspect of the stadium down to the finest detail has been meticulously planned by the club from the free wi-fi available to supporters through to the ability to wander to any part of the ground, regardless of where you are sitting.

One piece of artwork featured on one of the concourse walls seems to have gone unnoticed by many.  The wall contains the words:

East London
South London
West London

The feature is a depiction that North London is ‘Tottenham’, a brilliantly planned dig at our Woolwich invaders from the Emirates.

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  1. How the hell can u claim North London is yrs when yr so far behind Arsenal in terms of the things that matter …trophies!!
    2 good years in 24 doesnt make you a bigger or better team Success does that and until you actully start closing that massive gap you remain in our shadows and no amount of graffiti will change that.
    By the way l once read on a wall that Jesus was coming still not seen him!!

  2. North London is indeed yours with nothing to still show for it. Jokers!

    It’d be interesting to see how you lot fare for the next few years now. Interesting times ahead.

  3. quite simple really TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR was born in north London ARSENAL was born in WOOLWICH which I think is in south London . so just like some foreign country occupying piece of land in a different country i.e
    Israel it does not mean PALESTINE IS THEIRS.

  4. Look at all the Spuds with no knowledge of their own clubs history. Bob Watkins..Tottenham wasnt born in north london it was born in middlesex the atea where yr club is and was founded wasnt part of london until 1963 where as Highbury was part of london long b4 that date.
    So “quite simply” learn yr History b4 gobbing off!!

    • Typical misinformed Goon living up to the anagram – bore all but local fans…..

      London Postal Districts were introduced in 1857. Tottenham in London N, and Woolwich in London SE. Simply look up the Post Office London Directory of 1882 which would have based on addresses of the previous year.

      Numbered sub divisions were added in 1917, when Tottenham became part of N17.

      By the way, Middlesex was abolished in 1965 (not 1963) at the same time as the County of London which was the administrive county for Highbury when it moved from Midddlesex in 1889.

      Now, what is the difference between Woolwich Arsenal and Ben Mitchell from Eastenders? Woolwich have moved to more new places that Ben Mitchell has had new faces!

    • The Postal Districts of London were introduced in 1857. At that time Woolwich in Kent was addressed as London SE. Obviously Tottenham was addressed as London N. If you view the Post Office London Directory of 1882 you can see this for yourself. So Tottenham were born in London N in 1882 and have been there ever since. The numbered sub divisions were introduced in 1917 when Tottenham became addressed as N17.

      By the way Middlesex was abolished in 1965 not 1963. The County of London was also abolished in 1965 – an area that both Woolwich and Islington became part of in 1889. So you could apply your incorrect logic to those areas.

      The Goons migration was not until 1913, by which time they had already moved places more times than Ben Mitchell has had new faces and had nearly as many name changes.


  5. To the other “Bob” we moved from Woolwich in 1913 so what’s that got to do with the debate. We have been based in north london for 109 years we have won far more than yr little club so until u match our success north london is red and no amount of graffiti will change the facts that you last one a title 59 years ago you last lifted the FA cup 28 years ago and all it seems u have to boost about is where Arsenal was founded and where we’ve played for over 109 years.

  6. Oh and by the way Bob Watkins to use yr comparison if u live in Israel but move to a new house in England are u still classed as living in Israel.
    Oh and think you’ll find that the jews have as much claim to Palestine as the Arabs which Is why they consider it their homeland too


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