Photo – Spurs’ corner kicks could be set to get worse at the new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur opened their new stadium up to 6,000 lucky fans on Sunday, showcasing all the wonders their South Stand has to offer.

Everything was on show from the pitch side itself, to the Goal Line Bar and its self-pouring pints.

The stadium looks to be an absolute marvel of modern football, and a fitting home for Tottenham Hotspur for the next century or more.

However, there is one feature raising a few eyebrows, and it comes as a double edged sword.

Spurs fans will feel as if they are part of the action at the new ground, as the gap between the supporters and the pitch is pretty small indeed.

What this does mean, is that the room for a run up when taking corners is minimal to say the least.

When you cast your mind back to how Christian Eriksen used to take free kicks at White Hart Lane, he preferred a longer run-up.

The corner-taker will have a yard or so of flat turf, before everything just slopes away.

Spurs are notoriously a little shoddy at corners in the first place, and surely this won’t help the matter.

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