YOU’RE THE BOSS: Pick your Spurs team v FC Basel


Tomorrow night is a crucial game in our season as we face FC Basel in the second leg of our Europa League quarter-final tie.

At one stage last week it looked as if we were about to crash out of the competition after going two-nil behind to the Swiss side at the Lane, but somehow we clawed back a 2-2 draw to take to St. Jakob-Park.

We know we’re without Bale, Lennon and even Gallas – but if you were AVB, what would your Spurs starting eleven be? Leave your team selection below.

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Dawson Vertonghen Assou-Ekotto

Carroll Dembele Parker Sigurdsson



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  1. With all the injuries, I would experiment. If we get desperate down the line, we will need options.


    Kaboul Caulker Vert BAE

    Walker Carroll Dembele Siggy



  2. Friedal. Walker caulker vertonghen ekotto. Parker dembele. holby carroll Sigurdsson. adebayor. Carroll was taken of at half time on Monday with no mention ofhim being injured so I reckon he will start.

    • Obviosuly you know nothing about Tottenham, its players or football in general. Firstly, there are 11 players in the starting 11! Not 10! The defence would be awful as there is no real leader and the two centre halfs are inexperianced, let alone Naughton being a full back. Midfield is awful too as both Falque and Pritchard are on loan and are unable to play. Again there is little experiance and no physical presence.

  3. ……………………….Friedal…………………………..
    Walker… Caulker…Dawson… Super Jan
    …………….Parker….. Holtby…………………….

    That is 100% the team that will play. Personally don't agree with it. Believe Lloris should play. Also would play huddlestone / carroll instead for either Parker or Dempsey and jig the midfield accordingly. However that will not happen

  4. I cant believe our fans picking Carrol above Huddlestone . I would be the first one to say he has not come back t to the Hudds we knew before Harry played him with needles and nearly finished is still young carrear. But what he has that Carroll has yet to get is power in his passes i will bet any money a cross field pass to Bale or Lennon would get there faster than Carrol and with back spin from 6ft3 Hudds. This isi what both offer both can pass Carrol can shoot but does not score Hudds height helps in defense passes with power has experience champs league lost almost 2-3 years with knee ankle problems-age 26. He was gifted in both feet has the next pass already in his large head (Hair)and scores special thunder goals if he gets enough playing time and back fully fit.Utd won the league by a big margin with the help of Carricks passes so for me both or Hudds.. Lloris Walker Dawson Vertonghan Fryer McVoy Hudds Dembele Holtby Cebellos Ady

  5. We should be playing Huddlestone, because we are lacking someone to ping the ball about even though he is not very mobile he is the best passer of the ball we have got. playing sigurdson or Dempsy or Holtby as wingers is putting square pegs in round holes. As a result against Basel we should play 3-5 2.and use Walker and Assou-Ekotto as wing backs. Huddlestone would be flanked be Parker and Dembele and Sigurdsson could play in his right position in the centre possibly just behind Adebayor and of course play Dawson Vertonghen Caulker as the 3 centre backs and we should play lloris in goal

  6. not sure about carroll – i'd like to see him loaned to a premiership club to see him play regularly like rose (and walker previously.) in huddlestone's brief appearance on sunday he looked to be back to his best, i'd play him with parker and dembele in a 4-3-3 and see if it works, there are no league points at stake!

  7. Freidle

    Walker / caulker / vertongen / naughton

    Holtby / carrol / huddlestone / dembele / sigurdsen


    Focus on a passing game lots of movement trying to pull the Basel team out of position rather than trying to beat them with pace

  8. 4321












    Give verts and Parker a must needed rest

  9. I think we should be a little experimental and go for three central defenders and let Benny and Walker give us the width we desperately need. Tom Carol needs to be given an opportunity too, with Dembele pushed into the free role to try and fill Bales god size boots

  10. LLoris

    Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Fryers

    Parker, Huddlestone

    Holtby, Dembele, Sigurdsson


    Subs: Carroll, Livermore, Cebellos, Caulker, Ekotto, Naughton, Friedel

    Naughtons pace might be enough to stop Salah. We need work rate tomorrow which is why Dempsey should be nowhere near the squad.

  11. Lloris, Walker, Vert, Daws, BAE, Parker, Thud, Djembele, Siggy, Holtby, Ade.

    I'm very excited boys, very excited. HHXX

  12. Huddlestone must play. He is the one who can open Basle up for the others.
    With Bale out Vertongen is a must on the left so he can get forward. Sorry Brad but if we want to win this one I think Lloris must play. Michael Dawson must play because at the moment I consider him Mr Tottenham for his great attitude. His ball control has improved, he must learn not just to pass out from the back from right to left but also in the other direction. Holtby is starting to fit in nicely, he needs to be a little bit more patient in front of goal.

    Caulkner Dawson Vertongen
    Walker Dembele Huddlestone Holtby

  13. Lloris should play in goal, Avb’s loyalty to friedel needs to be put aside for better of the club. A normal 442 should be played Walker/Vertonghen/Dawson/Assou-Ekotto at the back, a midfield 3 of huddlestone/dembele/parker with huddlestone sitting to give him space to play those beautiful passes and a front 3 of Ceballos/adebayor/Siggurdson with the two wide men supporting during attacks but giving ade space as he works best in less congested area’s. I feel that formation could give us the balance we lack without bale and Lennon plus I really love a team that includes huddlestone, he’s a proper player!

  14. 4-2-3-1 lloris walker dawson vertoghen assou ekoitto huddlestone parker dembele holtby sig ade bench: friedel kaboul naughton livermore carrol dempsey celbos

  15. With possibility of playing Kaboul in the centre with Dawson, I would give Vertongen a run at CDM in place of Parker, alongside Dembele. Being team mates with Belgium, I think they could strike up a good partnership, and Vertongen also seems to have a great understanding with Bale…he is a stronger tackler, better passer and all round superior player to Parker…I think hed be great sitting in front of the back four and feeding Dembele and Ade, Bale and Lennon when they come back…even though AVB doesnt seem to rate BAE, stick with him for the pace and width he can give on the left…IF AVB is looking to throw this game, rest Dembele,Vertongen and Walker – Hudd,Carroll and Naughton in…

  16. I really feel we are missing a trick by not pushing Walker up into the Lennon role. With his pace, he can give us width which we sorely miss with Lennon out. He can still drop back to assist the defence as Lennon has done so well this season, but with Naughton at right back, we won't be left with a gaping hole which happens so often. Dawson and Vertongen in the centre with Benny on the left.
    I have NEVER rated Dempsey, and feel he was a waste of £6 million, so I would play Holtby in the hole behind Ade.
    I agree with a lot of the previous comments that Thud should play alongside Dembele, with Siggy on the left.
    But whoever plays will get 100% of my support……COYS!!!!!

  17. I for would love to see walker pushed forward with naughton at right back….
    naughton dawson vert B.A.E
    Walker huddlestone Holtby Dembele


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