Pienaar will cost Spurs £15million


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Everton boss David Moyes has warned potential suitors that they will have to pay £15million for Steven Pienaar.

That is what the Daily Mirror are reporting today.  The South African midfielder has twelve months to run on his existing deal at Goodison Park and talks over a new deal have reached a deadlock.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is said to be ready to offer players in exchange as part of a deal, but Moyes will not take anyone who he doesn’t think will improve his current playing staff.

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  1. I cannot say that I blame Moyes but 15mill for a player with only one year left?
    He will be lucky to get 7.5mill and I am sure that some accountant will be
    able to tell me that it should be even less.
    IMO Everton are often badly done by the EPL predators but letting Pienaar
    drop to only one year left is financial suicide and either they did not try hard
    enough or he was going anyway.
    What would be his true value if he had a 5yr contract? Anyone know?
    I have only seen him occasionally so I have no exact idea.

  2. Moyes must be seriously deluded if he thinks he ll get any where near that figure for a player in his last year. Any interested clubs will just wait til jan and sign a pre contract agreement with him and get him for nothing. However he s a very good player so if everton were to accept around 6-7 million for him that would be a great buy.

  3. …and why would Spurs even consider offering a player plus cash up to £15m for a player that won't improve our current playing staff? We need CL quality players not cast offs from also-rans.

  4. Ummm message for yiiiiidarmy –

    Whilst £15m is awfully extravagant for a player like Pienaar if not very flattering to him, he is a terrific player. Him in CM with Modric would make for sweet link-up play. I would offer £10m plus Jenas for him. Nothing more ;)

  5. Moyes is living in a dream world. He isnt worth 15m with time left on his contract let alone only a year. 6-7m normally and 3-4m at the moment. Either way, he would be a bench warmer!

  6. He might be a good backup for Bale on the LW…I'd say around £8mil cash now with 1 year remaining…or a straight swap for Jenas…

  7. I dont think we need him we have modric, kranjcar, bale,and townsend who can all play in his position and if we can get cole for nothing why would we even pay £6-7 million for a player who is nearly 30

  8. He’s the best player in a good Everton team and he would certainly be an improvement on one or two of our lot. He’s quick, experienced and works very hard. He would be an excellent signing for us (if of course the price is right).

  9. what a load of bo!!ocks, shitty mirror talk, we all know where we need strengthening, with sandros coming in, why do we need him, even though he is a good player.

  10. Yes unproven Sandro(although i hope that he becomes a first choice) and Hot/cold Palacios.
    , why would we need another CMF player?
    He isn't even the same sort of CMF player as those two and is a playmaker/BtB sort according
    to the Everton sites.
    If we sell JJ & O'Hara we must bring at least one CMF in as we then will lack a true BtB one

  11. Anyone heard the rumours in Spain, we are linked to Real madrid and spanish striker, Raul?
    While in Italy they are saying we are after Roma striker, Julio Baptista…. what do you guys think of these rumors??


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