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Jake Livermore - Tottenham Hotspur News

Friedel 6 – I felt that his punch over the bar leading to the corner from which United opened the scoring was a little unnecessary, but other than that he had a solid game and didn’t deserve to concede three.

Walker 4 – His “marking” of Rooney for the opener was slack at best, and his clearance for the second goal wasn’t good enough – he should really have cleared the ball with his left foot.

Kaboul 6 – Another commanding performance, although perhaps he could have closed Young down more quickly for the third goal (although there was a lack of midfield cover).

King 6 – Very few shaky moments this week which was good to see. I still don’t think he looks as fit as he had been, and have my concerns.

Assou-Ekotto 7 – Provided an outlet on the left and had some bright moments. He was also generally defensively sound.

Lennon 8 – Most of our good chances came through him – particularly his wonderful bit of play on the left which created the chance from which Adebayor “scored”.

Livermore 7 – A very solid central midfield display – 88% pass completion from 73 passes is very respectable, and he also made two tackles and six interceptions.

Sandro 7 – Showed good energy and drive throughout, and looked at home alongside Livermore.

Modric 6 – Marginalised a little on the left, and his switching off from the throw-in for the second goal arguably put the game out of our reach. Had some bright moments on the ball, but he was not on it enough.

Adebayor 7 – Worked very hard and scored what was, in my eyes, a perfectly good goal.

Saha 7 – Like Adebayor, he worked very hard to drop into midfield and press Carrick and Scholes.

Defoe 7 – Came on at the 80 minute mark and scored an excellent goal, you can’t argue with that!

Kranjcar 5 – Lacked a little intensity, but it is generally quite difficult to come into a game that late on.

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  1. Livermore was MOTM. Very discreet, yet useful. Not sure about our first ‘goal’? But that’s life.

    The ‘Others’ are starting to think they have 3rd, yet there is alot of football to be played.

    We got done today, yet I was impressed by the performance.


    • If "the others" look at their own fixtures for april, they will come back down to earth. we must dust ourselves down and move on, just like after e first 2 games we played this season.

  2. 10 points 8 days ago and you muggy turds were giving it the biggun – now it’s down to 4 points…not really much of a gap you capitulating inferior North London Club!

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint…


  3. A lot easier to take than last week, at least most of ’em put in a shift today. A little unfortunate to lose and I think the scoreline flattered Utd, but slack defensive mistakes will always go punished by a team of their calibre

  4. Windy top marks but i disagree with Friedegg he is shipping goals in for fun and most are crosses. I said weeks ago he is showing his ageand we should have brought Gomes back after all he did gets us into fourth and he is great at crosses and one mention he has never droppeda glanger when King has played. All the goals where stoppable if your a young good spring in your legs. If we dont rest Friedegg we will suffer and concede from any crosses. Also Defoe should get his chance this game showed Harry got his subs badly wrong and taking a strike of for a striker when your chasing goals and leaving Defoe till it was too late was criminal Harry 3 out of ten for his gloomy face/ What about this lad to take over with this other lad Garry Neville and Beckham the most decorated pair in the game would instill a winning mentality. This is my Marks FRIEDEGG 4 he never comes for crosses and he was the same at Villa also he is wandering of his line a lot. Walker 5 his worst game but he was limping after the Arsenal game still learning his trade at fault for two of the gaols let red face Rooney mug him with the help of concrete legs 40.King 6 not a bad game could not stop any of the goals but he needs to shout more at is defenders. Kaboul same has King but let Young get his shot away 6 Ekotto 7 I thought he was superb after his bad game against Arsenal some great trickery and crosses Overall the defence has a unit 4 Lennon 8 showed what a difference he would have made against Arsenal should be England right winger. Sandro very good but he needs to work on his creativity its very poor for a Brazilian 7 Livermore 7 good performance against possible champions this will do is confidants a power of good. Modric looked lost out wide and i blame Harry for playing too many defensive players looked like the rumours he would like to go too Utd where true with bad passes and rubbish corners and free kicks. Overall 7 would have been bigger but Modric poor distribution creativety and playing two of the same in Sandro and Livermore was for a team away from home should have been last weeks team. Ady 6 puzzles me he looks superb and clumsy all in one game and looks like he is going to another club in the summer and why when he played against us he scored loads with his head Oh i remember Robbo was like Friedel for crosses he should have scored when he let Ferdinand ex drug offender tackle him.Saha all huff and a bit of puff he needs to discover his hard shot good game wrong age 6 Defoe Showed in less mins than he should have had why he scores goals ruined by Harry rewarding Goals by benching sad Ady and Defoe where a good team till Harry split them up for Sick note Vaart. Overall should have scored goals with the chances Utds back four where sharper and allowed to block when it looked easier to score they missed Bale on the left 6 because of the disallowed goal and Defoe’s goal. Subs Rose 5 not on long enough but he can be a very good player has a winger if he stay fit long enough. Kranjcar 4 should have left Saha on. Team performance seven would have been 9 if our defence had not made school boy errors. This is what Harry should doto stop the bad defending rest Walker Play Kaboom right back Dawson and King and rest Friedegg and play Gomes Friedel hates any crosses or free kicks in his box. and stop our players using any excuse not to play Harry to Fuck off and put Benitez in tempory charge for the run in. Only kidding but Harry needs to focus and make subs earlier and the right ones or we will ruin our best season Chelsea are deperate to get fourth and Arsoles are on French wonder drug Wenger his rumoured sacking has made them a different team and our ten points ahead The biggest shock is Van Persie who is world class because he is finally fit or ?We need a goal scorer every week and a defence who play great then doze of into LALA land Friedel Walker King Ekotto in the big games are losing winnable games Gomes Kaboul King Dawson Ekotto should be given a chance.

  5. DavSpurs…….Spot on bud.

    What did Freidel do today ?? Gave up 3 goals on maybe 4 legitimate scoring chances………Needless punch over the bar to gift United a CK ……..w/ our history vs them on Set pieces ? Criminal.

    Adebayor is rubbish………You see AY's finish on that 2nd goal ??? Adebayor had that exact situation , but was much closer to the goal and had a better angle…………right at DG. And his aerial prowess ? he scored two goals vs our Spurs in CL for Real…….Has he even gotten in an attempt worthy of a comment via his head let alone scoring w/ that head ? Criminal

    Arry playing our best player (w/ Bale hurt) out of Position….Criminal

    Walker……..terrible game again. But he is young and still has a bright future.

    Lastly………I'm not saying that was a clear goal by Adebayor, but it came down to a 5050 decision by the official……In this long history of our United fixtures, has a call ever gone the Spurs way ?? (i.e. Nani making love to the ball w/ both hands at the OT last year –> no call–> kicks it in the net.). The list is long………And such a joke.

    Either way, worse case is top 4 and I think a Wembley trip is in the cards……COYS

  6. WIndy – And agreed on LIvermore…….

    I thought this moment was way too much for him …….Just like it was vs City at the beginning of the year.

    He looked much, much better. He just might have a serious future at this club. COYS


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