PLAYER RATINGS: Spurs 1-1 West Brom

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

How many cold Spurs supporters will be wending their way home from this one in some sort of deep gloom. Was it Swansea, a frustrating 1-1? Well this is a puzzle we’ve yet to work out and in the meantime, our league position begins to look perilous.

You can have great ‘stats’ when you protect the ball. It’s a case of ‘not me, gov’. But when 10 players cancel out 10, someone has to take a risk, take one of their players out if the matrix with a run, a pass, some vision or flair. We had nearly three quarters of the possession but struggled to muster an attempt on goal. And that with a progressive team selection. The second half showed some improvement, some urgency. Hence, we scored and looked threatening from time to time.

Lloris – 6

Largely a spectator.

Sanchez – 6

It was on his watch that Rondon scored: he was an awkward, muscular player to mark but Sanchez looked generally composed.

Vertonghen – 7

He gave a measured and controlled performance. But it wasn’t about him today.

Dier – 5

Was having a ‘cluttsey’ day in a back three and was, of course, a luxury – we didn’t need three centre backs, for heaven’s sake. The right thing to move him to mid field; it was just that it wasn’t him we needed there – and I don’t think we’ve got that player at the club, after all our summer flirtations came to nought. To be fair to him, he is our aerial threat, strong at set pieces. And a real soldier in the cause. Carded for eventually loses it with the ref after repeated injustices.

Trippier – 6

Controlled his flank defensively and offered to cross the ball but without his usual penetration and threat.

Davies – 5

A quiet afternoon, not always a bad observation to make of a defender but offered little.

Winks – 6

Bright and efficient on the ball but, when you’re casting round for that extra dimension, doesn’t seem to offer it.

Eriksen – 5

Looks fluent and classy. I guess we look to him to unlock defences and when he doesn’t look like doing so, he cops it.

Dele – 6

Dele was the answer to a question we struggled to ask. He was in the pocket, ‘showing’, occasionally making runs. We seemed to choose other options. Eventually, he got the ball in space: boom, assist. Nevertheless, a day otherwise when things didn’t ever quite happen for him.

Son – 7

The brightest and best of the attacking quartet. Such quick feet.

Kane – 6

Uses his body and strength so well to create something for himself. Scored, of course. Otherwise, a frustratedly marginalised figure. When you dominate possession but your centre forward doesn’t see the ball…


Dembele brought urgency, Llorente not a lot.

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