PLAYER RATINGS: Tottenham 1-3 Benfica

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Hugo Lloris – Made some good saves other than the three goals which weren’t completely his fault. Two risky decisions of coming out which could’ve been costly. Lucky to get away with them. (6.5)

Kyle Walker – Made some good tackles and stopped most of the play on our right side (which they seemed to try to build up from in the first half). Substituted for Rose in the 76th minuted. Overall, a decent performance. (7)

Younes Kaboul – Well involved in the game. Tried his best to score from two great headers but was unlucky. Covered up his mistakes as well. (7.5)

Jan Vertonghen – Looked more enthusiastic as compared to the game against Chelsea. A much better performance but still had some shaky moment’s which made me very nervous. Unlucky to get a yellow. A decent game for him as well. (7)

Kyle Naughton – Blame him for the first goal. Looked nervous while making decisions, whether it dealt with defensive work or offensive. Improved as the game went on and seemed eager to make it up for giving away the goal. An unnecessary freekick given away which was costly. (6.5)

Sandro Raniere – Committed as always. Not his best performance but was lucky to get away with most tackles. Received a yellow within the first ten minutes and kept going making risky challenges but played a great part in supporting the defense. Substituted on the 82nd minute for Bentaleb. (7)

Paulinho – A very confidence performance. Was all over the pitch, in a good way. Involved the most in midfield and made some important interceptions. Great central presence. (7.5)

Aaron Lennon – One of his good performances (not really good, just good!). His speed seemed to trouble the opposition. Great link up with Walker and the central midfield as well but was unable to create many chances. Needs to come back to his best! (7)

Christian Eriksen – Best player on the pitch for us tonight! Great passing, great communication with players and a beautiful freekick. Seemed the most committed and wanted to keep creating. (8)

Emmanuel Adebayor – A rather poor performance. Had an open chance which he should’ve easily finished and played a bit too deep. Did not trouble the defense much. Wasn’t one of his better days. (6.5)

Harry Kane – A quite first half, got much involved in the second. Gave away an unnecessary corner which led to a goal (trying to be involved a bit too much). Got us the freekick from which Eriksen scored. Didn’t have much to offer otherwise. Substituted for Soldado in the 75th minute. (6.7)


Roberto Soldado – Didn’t get much to do. Came on when Benfica started pressurising the most. Had some good passes but didn’t have enough time to get a shot on target. (6.5)

Danny Rose – A decent performance. Again, came on a bit too late to be involved in. Played decent defensively. Didn’t have much to offer. (6.5)

Nabil Bentaleb – Came on too late for Sandro. (N/A)

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  1. These ratings are ridiculous.
    That was such a poor result, everyone expecting a good performance after the weekends abysmal effort. Kyle Naughton hasn't got any positional awareness, no pace and no ability, why we started with Naughton when Danny Rose was on the bench only Tim Sherwood knows, he cost us the first goal. The second goal came from the inexperience of Harry Kane, how the hell can you start him in front of Soldado? another mistake from Tim Sherwood. As for Adebayor he is so lazy we have to get rid of him he is a total waste of space. Even Vertonghen looks like he can't be bothered. Lloris is starting to look like a clown at times, instils absolutely no confidence in me what so ever. We needed Townsend on with 30 mins to go but never saw him, the substitutions Tim Sherwood made were poor at best. After putting myself through that for 90 mins I have no confidence that we will get anything from Sundays match, our season will be over if we do not beat Arsenal. That maybe the final nail in Tim Sherwood's coffin.

    • After years supporting Spurs I cannot remember a side so unable to attack and create chances. They learn nothing from each game and just go into the next match just plodding along backward and sideways. Bloody disgrace

  2. Terrible performance from our team and fans alike. Sat in the North Upper block 56, Row 14 and was arguing with our own fans by the end of the game – some fans calling ME a prick as I dared to say that they didn't bother getting behind the team. Many Benfica fans allowed into our block which was a real joke from the club (this should never be allowed to happen for sure!), minimal passion or cheering from our fans some who claimed to have been there for 16 years. I argued at HT that Sherwood was way out of his depth with no experience and didn't really have a clue. Not saying that I wouldn't support him but simply that he had no experience and thus wasn't the solution for us. Told to give him time by fans that couldn't even be bothered to cheer him and the team when it mattered. They just sat there moaning (despite saying Sherwood was the right man for the job) without a peep in support of him or the team. Better that they wouldn't come at all so that their seat could go to a true fan who actually got behind us rather than sat there silent all game long. Think that by going to the ground every week (giving no support) that they can can do/say what they want, bit like our players in my opinion. I go as often as possible and have seen every game this season – I know that the players don't want to play for him (or us as it would seem) so we have no other solution… I love Spurs but we are rotten from the inside out I'm afraid.

  3. You would never guess from these ratings what a woeful performance Spurs gave tonight. How anyone could say that Paulinho had a good game is beyond me. Too ridiculous to read.

    • 1. The game was an open game. We made mistakes, they made the most of it.
      2. We lacked a lot of positioning and which led to individual errors and thus the goals.
      3. Other than creating chances, this wasn't the all that bad of a game.
      4. We've had worse games in the season.

      Paulinho had a decent game after his last performance. He was getting more involved and could've set up a great goal for Eriksen if Adebayor didn't intercept the pass

  4. Who wrote these ratings? some sort of cunt?
    We are the only club to get rid of Jenas. Then sign the brazzian Jenas! We are pony. Face facts.

    • I wrote them

      i believe it wasn't all that bad of a game, just a few individual errors. I also believe it's going to be almost impossible to turn it around in the second leg

  5. Who wrote these ratings? some sort of cunt? We must be the only team to get rid of Jenas. Then sign the brazzian Jenas!

  6. Sorry your player ratings are crap and after watching that last night we were beat by a better team .. _I lost count in the 1st half how many times Ericson and Walker kept giving the ball away ._Why the hell was Harry Kane playing instead of Soldado .. what more has Soldado to do to get a game ._We looked bloody awful last night and could not string 3/4 passes together where Benefica were a class act._Loose to Arsenal on Sunday and that will be the final nail in the coffin for Sherwood ._Can only see things getting worse and a few more beatings befoe the end of the season ._Tim can say all he wants about players commitments etc but it is obvious that a few are taking no notice knowing that he will not be there at the end of the season._Think it is about time that we finally get rid of Levy who is a totall disaster for our club and with his mis management is making a laughing stock of our great club. _Finally , Tim please come out and finally say that your team selections are wrong

    • 1. The game was an open game. We made mistakes, they made the most of it.
      2. We lacked a lot of positioning and which led to individual errors and thus the goals.
      3. Other than creating chances, this wasn't the all that bad of a game.
      4. We've had worse games in the season.

      Harry Kane and Naughton looked nervous at first because of the European stage. I disagree with Tim all the time. I didn't like his selection yesterday either but we can't do anything till the end of the season. Let's suffer together


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