PLAYER RATINGS: Tottenham 3-1 Dnipro

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Hugo Lloris – Did not see the ball much of the game but he was alert when needed. He pulled off two nice saves from Konoplyanka’s two long range efforts. There was nothing he could have done to stop the Dnipro goal.

Kyle Naughton – Looked like the shakiest Tottenham defender. Lucky Konoplyanka did not attack him more. He was better in dealing with Konoplyanka this time and he offered another body in attack.

Michael Dawson – He played like the typical Michael Dawson, big and strong when needed but also slow and shaky at times. His passing game consisted of misplaced long balls and short passes to his counterpart Vertonghen.

Jan Vertonghen – He wasn’t better than Dawson as Matheus gave him trouble every time the Brazilian attack. He was also good going forward as he combined better with the midfield duo.

Zeki Fryers – Solid defensively but did not produce anything in attack even though he had all the left hand side for himself. But he proved himself as a good option for the future.

Moussa Dembele – Controlled the midfield all game long, but trapped in the midfield area all game long. He did not attack the Dnipro goal but showed good urgency going forward.

Sandro – The Beast has returned and he returned with an above average game. He did not let Dnipro players go on counter and his tackles were on point.

Christian Eriksen – The only player that looked effective and active in the first half. He started the charge of Spurs with a delicious free kick and showed why he should play constantly for this Tottenham side with his creativity and smart passes.

Andros Townsend – He used his tricks and pace to attack the opposition full back but he was often double teamed and that lowered his production. In the second half, he found more space and looked more active and productive with a good cross to Soldado that the Spaniard wasted.

Roberto Soldado – He was really active and hungry in the second half after a bad first half but he often collided with Adebayor in the box. His great movement in the box that ended up in the back of the net was called offside. His finishing eluded him again when he couldn’t finish Townsend’s great cross.

Emmanuel Adebayor – Almost anonymous in the first half but what a second half for the Togolese. He won almost every header and his hold up play was great. Good movement and finish for his first goal and incredible individual effort for his second as he claimed the man of the match honour.


Nabil Bentaleb – Came on for Sandro in the 75th minute. He closed down opposition players well in the middle and his passing was good. Nice 15 minute cameo for the Frenchman.

Aaron Lennon – Came on for Townsend in the 82nd minute and he did well to defend, and hold the ball up in the attacking third.

Harry Kane – Came on for Soldado in the 85th minute. He was introduced to hold up the ball and he did exactly that by wasting time in the dying minutes of the game.

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  1. Stupid ratings.

    How can you give Harry Kane 5. He only played for a few minutes and did what he needed to do by keeping the ball well near the corner flag and then winning a free kick. He couldn’t have played any better in that short space of time.

  2. Were you even watching the game? How you can say that Fryers didn't create anything in attack when he played a 60 yard assist is beyond me. You should spend more time at the Lane and less in front of your computer.

    • If you call Fryers' long ball creative then Michael Dawson was creative all game long. Just because Adebayor controlled the ball in mid air with his chest doesn't make the pass good. Also other than that ball, Fryers' had two low crosses that ended up being cleared. Did he have any other action in the attack? Please tell me because I don't remember it. And I thought you were a football fan. Think before you talk

      • I did think before I talked. I don't think you can criticize an 18-year-old player who plays in defense for not creating enough when they have an assist. Given how many times we have been undone this season because one of our fullbacks has been out of position, I am perfectly satisfied with Fryers playing the way he did even if "he had the whole left side to himself." He linked well with Eriksen the whole game and set him loose on about three occasions when in a tight spot in his own half. However, you can be forgiven for not seeing that as you can't see the whole pitch from your armchair in front of the laptop.

          • How can you say that zekis assist was no good, the difference between that long ball and dawsons pointless cross field long balls is that zekis was with pin point accuracy to ades chest which he controlled and scored, SETTING UP A GOAL?? Is that not the definition of creation?? It doesnt matter if its a hoof up field or a deft flick by a midfielder a chance created is a chance created.. I was pretty impressed with Fryers and thought he done better than Naughton has ever done and i believe he has huge potential for the future as HE IS 21 YEARS OLD..

          • I am not saying he was bad, he was really solid defensively. It is much better to use him as a back-up to Rose rather than Naughton who is a right back. I am saying that apart from that 60 yard pass, he did not support the attack as much as Rose would have done considering we had 60% possession all game. His crosses were poor. But I am not saying he played badly.

  3. Agree with most, but for me Bentaleb did little except lose the ball when he came on. He's a good prospect but is getting far more game time than he deserves in my opinion.

  4. two factors crucial to the win, one eriksen on the pitch and bentaleb wasn't and two, red card made the difference. i dont believe we have any prospects with tim, nice but dim, at the helm. apart from bentaleb the love child issue, he says right things in terms of football simple game etc and what we need in terms of effort and character but sadly, think he is incapable of coaxing or coaching that from the players. we were lucky against everton, scored the right time against newcastle, got what we deserved against norwich and am afraid wheels will come off again against cardiff.. hopefully, not for the first time, i'm proved wrong.

  5. The whole first half was a waste of time we did nothing with the ball. We may have controlled it but if you don't put the ball in the net you don't get 3points or a win to move on in a cup game. We were lucky we still had a full side on the field after the elbow that Soldado threw in the first half. The second half was a bit better once we had a man advantage. But until then we were looking like it was lights out.
    As far as the rest of the season goes Ade, Eriksen, and Sandro should be first names on team sheet every week unless hurt.

  6. Naughton is crap! Dawson isn't crap when playing at the best of his ability, which in see where this is going! Fryers played his best game in the shirt for me. Eriksen found his stride, just want to see more of that against Premiership quality sides. Danny Rose and Benteleb need chilling in the fridge until next season – both still too raw all round. Townsend and Dembele either need a higher standard of coaching to develop good raw talent, but neither really dominate games regularly. (Townsend could do with a shelf in the fridge, too). Soldado, for all his 'intelligent' movement and occasional slick passes, just isn't bringing home the bacon; looks to have ' it ', but nothing much else going on there, really. (Comparing Modric'. Berbatov', Bale and VDV's impact on the side and delivering in the 'BIG GAMES"!!
    Vertongen seems to have lost a pound and found a penny – not the same composed leader and general of old for me.
    Sandro and Ade are the two pieces of genuine quality that we currently have to choose from imo.


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