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Gomes (6) – great save in the first half and good handling all day but should’ve stopped goals one and three.

Corluka (6) – typically Corluka. Strength and skill but limited due to lack of pace.

Assou-Ekotto (5) – crosses for goals one and three came from down his side. Poor delivery when forward. 

King (5) – complicit in all three goals. Looked slow. Doesn’t like playing on the right of the centre two.

Bassong (7) – does like playing on the left of the centre two. Ensured we ended with ten men for the third Saturday in a row when his hamstring went near the end.

Bentley (4) – provided no width whatsoever and as so often looks immature and impulsive in possession.

Palacios (6) – Generally very good but caught for goal two.

Jenas (6) – Tough afternoon in the misshapen midfield. Never went missing. Drove forward in second half to try and get a goal back.

Huddlestone (5) – Ponderous and predictable.

Keane (6) – Did okay first half. Subbed in 2nd half and missed mostly for his chasing and tracking back. Taking him off led to the worst period of possession for us.

Crouch (7) – Kept going until the end. Got Clattenburged for his yellow card.


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  1. Ekotto – way too generous
    King – generous
    Bentley – generous
    Palacios – way too generous
    Huddlestone – way too generous
    Keane – way too generous

    We were diabolical, only Crouch, Bassong and Gomes come out with any sort of dignity. Ekotto, Hudd and Keane were shameful, whilst Keane was anonomous. An absolute embaressment today, no where near good enough – top 4? Ha, lucky to be top half.

  2. bentley is better than Lennon. Lennon is just loved by redknapp while ramos loved bentley and played him. Lennon left a man down against stoke traitor No one likes you. Bentley is the only one who can cross

  3. What is Bentley better at than Lennon? Please don’t say his crossing, which for the past year or so has been shocking, and that’s the one thing he’s meant to bring to the team.

  4. For 41 minutes we matched them. Then we made we got complacent and let in 2 quick goals and it was all down from there. No Modric, Lennon, Defoe or Woodgate, 4 that would always make the first 11. And it told

  5. Read The Mirror article on Bentley and Spurs. They were spot on. While Arsenal players were running around our were having an evening stroll. With Bentley and Jenas in the team we can forget about success. We should give Bentley for free with any player signed from Spurs. I hope we never meet Arsenal in the Carling Cup as that would be an embarrassment of disastrous proportion. And to Messrs Keane, Jenas, King and Redknapp – “Football is not about opinion. It’s about performance” – Wenger in The Mirror.

  6. we had a mare, put it behind us and move on, we rarely get anything from this fixture, provided we do them at the lane i will be happy.
    We are still top four.


  7. For us it was a good game and luckily for you Eduardo is out of sorts, he would normally bury two of the wide open chances he missed yesterday. It did not help your day when first Keane the Harry boasted about being as good. It was a mistake (a) because the Arsenal lads said ‘Really’? and were wound up just enough. And (b) because laying out millions every year only proves you have a lot of money not guaranteed talent.

    From what Ive seen this season Spurs will finish in or very near the top four but at the expense of Liverpool. Buying back players sold by other managers is not a recipe for a future success.

    I really think that if you had your three top players yesterday it would have been a much closer result, but after all that buying Spurs should have so many options injuries should be covered.

    Finally, if Spurs supporters would get over the obssesion with beating the AFC and concentrated on producing more quality in every match , you would again be a club that would worry the rest.

    PS: The low lives that sang the Manchester puedo song dragged your once great club down to the Northern levels detested by decent fans.


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