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Gomes  – Not on long enough to rate properly but punching like that ain’t good.

Cudicini (7) – Perhaps could’ve done better with the goal but he was probably expecting one of the two free Hull forwards in the six yard box to get a nut on the ball rather than be so incompetent as to miss it completely. Handled well from then on and made a good save from Geovanni’s header.

Hutton (7) –
Definitely added something going forward down the right but not totally convincing at the back against Steve Hunt. Good and timely challenge on him to prevent an equaliser having said that.

Assou-Ekotto (7) – Seemed to be playing within himself most of the time. Joined in the fun going forward when we were on top, gave away free kicks when we weren’t.

Corluka (6) – Started very nervously. Recovered to a degree but never seemed totally comfortable.

Bassong (6) – Given a hard time by Folan and Geovanni and came off second best too often during the period after Hull’s goal. Corluka’s tentativeness probably didn’t help him.

Huddlestone (7) – Looked good again, providing an outlet for the back four and passing quickly and generally accurately. Beautiful ball for first goal. Took a terrible free kick from a good position. Why doesn’t he just smack it? I’d hate to be in a wall and see him running up to thump it.

Modric (8) –
Far more involved than Sunday. Over ambitious in his passing sometimes but mostly completely class. One superb dribble in the second half and two good long range shots that went close.

Palacios (8) – The sort of performance we’ve come to expect. His work rate seems to inspire the others. Nicely taken goal (take that Zokora!) and two games without a booking!

Lennon (8) – Much better than Sunday I thought. Found space well, attacked the full back more often and crossed well a few times. Got the assists for the final two goals.

Keane (8) – Worked his socks off in ‘the hole’. Hull couldn’t cope with him coming back to link up play. Beautiful glancing header for a welcome goal.

Defoe (9) – Lovely hat-trick but could’ve had more which is why he doesn’t get ten. Harsh I know.


What are your ratings for the Spurs players?

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  1. Great performance, Bassong and Ekotto look great and everything in front of them looks perfect. Just concerned about the other two, Corluka and Hutton terrify me at times, particularly Corluka. I still don’t think the clumsy Charlie is the answer at centre half, and although he is only filling in for Ledley and Woodgate, I feel we could do with another first choice.
    Purely nit-picking at an otherwise world class performance though. Thanks lads, COYS

  2. ok – Lennon looked liked he actually knew how to deliver the final ball – at last – and we got 2 goals as a result.

    Gomes – i love him, but his challenge on sunday and his punch today make me ask whether he is intent on having another crap start to a season, only to improve later.

    DEfence – we need cover. we all know that, we desperately need another centre back

    Midfield: can we carry The Hud or do we need a Viera type? (maybe from Scotland?). we DO need an addition here.

    Upfront: terrific

    so, in short, we need a gutsy midfielder and a centre back.

    ps: the sergeant is looking better every game – expect him to score a hatfull this season.


  3. Yes your being very critical of charles and hutton, how many games does hutton get or got last season, and how many games out of overall played games does charlie play centre back, if he got a bit cultured there I think he’d be outstanding, only 24 young for a centre back.

  4. I thought Keane redeemed an otherwise mediocre performance with his easy goal. Defoe’s play was an eye-opener, absolutely brilliant performance, and hard-working, too. Defoe and Modric combined neautifully, and with Lennon are virtually unstoppable. So many good performances, against a team that plays hard, physical ball. Great to see Palacios get his first goal, he is enormous for us.

  5. benSpur……when you say we need another CB are you forgetting that we have Woody, Daws and Ledley to come back alongside Bassong……Corluka isn’t great there but why waste money on another CB when we have 4 perfectly capable ones???
    Also we’re hardly carrying Thudd….he’s a quality young player with an amazing passing range with bags of potential……that said i agree another midfielder may be needed (left footed winger to add balance?) but no need to get on Tommy’s back!
    Oh and no offence but Sgt Wilson is a combative DM and after his effort today now has 1 prem goal…..i don’t think he’ll be pushing JD for the golden boot ;-p Like eveyone else i think he’s world class and although it feels stupid saying this….a bargin at 16m…..legend in the making!
    We’ve looked quality and i hope it’ll be a great season for us! Deja vu anyone? :-)

  6. Mediocre performance? Keane worked his socks off, setup two goals and scored one. Hull just can't cope with him. Can't people just give a little well deserved credit to our Captain?! and BTW, he started the move from deep inside our own half and ran 40 yards after he passed to Lennon to head the goal, which I don't think it qualify as an 'easy' goal.

  7. i agree with robbo.tommy is easly 1 of the best
    passers in football.he has incredible vision.
    if we were 2 buy anyone-i would choose a world class striker 2 pair up with jd.have u noticed,
    every time keano makes a mistake,he instantly
    blames others,or smiles bewilderedly.its quite funny 2 see.modric and palacios have the makings of true legends.

  8. Indy fan said: “I thought Keane redeemed an otherwise mediocre performance with his easy goal.”

    What a load of utter nonsense! Perhaps you need glasses?

    Keane’s performance throughout the game was superb (unlike Modric), and he was the second best player on the pitch after Defoe without a shadow of a doubt.

    And his header was far from ‘easy’ as he had to head it in from an angle.

    I suppose an idiot like you, would describe the Ngog headed goal for Liverpool on the same night as our win, as a difficult header…

    You can’t please everyone, though. I suppose if Keane had scored a hat trick, you would still criticise him.

    You Numpty.


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