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Gomes (7) – Little to do, coped well with the deep crosses and long throws.

Corluka (6) – Kept Etherington out of the game, skilful as ever but a game where more zip was needed going forward.

Assou-Ekotto (5) – Not his best game, his crossing should be so much better. Looked weary when beaten by Fuller for the goal.

Woodgate (7) – A quarter of an hour on his comeback, ten minutes of it with concussion. Nice to see him back.

Dawson (7) – Came on for Woodgate and gave his all as ever. His distribution skills could still do with a polish.

Bassong (7) – Coped much better than expected with the big blokes. Composed when in possession

Lennon (8) – Skilful and dangerous, many good crosses, most of them towards where the aberrant and absent Defoe would’ve been. Starved of service in second half.

Huddlestone (6) – Over ambitious with his passing sometimes.

Palacios (8) – Excellent disciplined tackling and careful when in possession.

Kranjcar (7) – Another good skilful performance, unlucky with shot that hit post.

Keane (5) – Had some good patches in first half but as happens too often these days he was no goal threat.

Crouch (7) – Kept going until the end, was the main victim of the man of the match display from chubster Simonsen.

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  1. I said it the other day and I say it again Mr Keane is holding us back. I am in no doubt that if we started with Pav we wouldn’t be hopeing for westham to do us a favor. Why is it Mr Redknapp can not see it?.

  2. Our luck has run out. In my opinion Spurs are no better this season than last year. Expect more defeats in the coming weeks. Spurs lack creativity without Modric (he is hopefully soon back in action). And why is Keene playing?

  3. I think that most of your ratings are pretty accurate here, but that Keane (who admittedly I am not the biggest fan of) was actually worth at least a 6. He may not have had many chances, but his movement and effort were actually pretty good despite what some have been saying.
    Palacios was ordinary yesterday for my money and only a 6.
    Huddlestone was woeful and worth a 5 at best. The only thing that the lad really offers the team is his range of passing, so when his passing is as wayward as it was for most of yesterday, there is absolutely no point in him being there.
    Kranjar had a game of two halves, First half – lively, probing, dangerous, Second half – Directionless, poor control at times and largely anonymous. So maybe just the 6 for him.
    I thought our best player on the day was the excellent Michael Dawson, he may not have started yesterday, but made a strong case for being reinstated to the 1st team in the near future.

  4. After some uncertainty I think it’s now clear that Defoe & Crouch are our first choice front 2…

    Keane is nowhere near his best and Crouch is always a threat, and usually scores – whether it’s for Spurs or England.

    Let’s not get too downhearted chaps, we weren’t awful yesterday by any stretch.

    Huge loss that we won’t have Defoe v Arsenal. Team for Everton on Tuesday…

    Naughton Dawson Bassong Bale
    Bentley Jenas Hudd Kranjcar
    Pav Keane

    Team for Arsenal…

    Corluka King Bassong AE
    Lennon Jenas Palacios Kranjcar
    Crouch Keane

  5. Huddlestone 6 Corluka 6. You must have been watching another game you moron. Huddlestone 0. What a lazy sack of shit. No way will Tottenham make the top four with this mug in the side.

  6. Has anybody else noticed how poor we play when Crouch is on the pitch? I don’t think we’ve won a game where he has started in the league.

    When he plays we rely on his height to much and loose our game. I’m not say Crouch is a bad player but the team just do not perform when he is playing. I hope that at some point it all clicks but until then it has to be Pav starting against Les Arse.

  7. Has anybody else noticed how poor we play when Crouch is on the pitch? I don’t think we’ve won a game where he has started in the league.
    When he plays we rely on his height too much and loose our game. I’m not saying that Crouch is a bad player but the team just do not perform when he is playing. I hope that at some point it all clicks but until then it has to be Pav starting against Les Arse.

  8. The biggest load of bollocks i have heard if simonson display in goal hadent bean energised we would have won easy.And when hudds went of our chances went down the pan also stoke players were made up when keane went of they came out of there shells with no speed upfront .The person who should be dropped is Ekotto he is letting the side down defending and attacking and bale should be given a chance .Lennon got hurt covering is laziness he let us down at Bolton .We should have gone three at the back and left keane and hudds on pav is going in January and is not bothered whether he scores because he would be back on the bench Keane can score any time. these results show why we got beat study them and the answer is in the results. stoke liverpool bolton fulham west ham wolves wigan birmingham all played with we wont be beat energy and a burning desperation for points if Harry medical staff dish this out like i discovered we will play the same way .

  9. Davspurs, another moron who thinks Huddlestone is a great player. I
    can’t beleive there are even some people in England who beleive Huddlestone should be in the England team. It takes the guy 7 seconds to turn and pass the ball. He’s the slowest, lasyest midfeilder in the league. Harry’s a mess of a tactician. He plays his slowest midfeild player against a slow lumbering side. Played right into the oppositions hands. Pulis should send Harry a thank you card. Top 4? Can only pray for a speedy Modric recovery.

  10. if lennon is going to be out for a few weeks could this be the moment for mr bentley to step up and show us if he has a future at the lane. seem to remember him being quite useful against the gooners last season, and crouch would benefit from his crossing.

  11. Spurs strikeforce is nowhere near as good as many seem to think. Keane, though full of energy, runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and seems to complain with his arms in the air about every two minutes. His best days are behind him and he should be a super sub – not captain. Defoe is, and always has been, a selfish, uni-dimensional striker. He misses more clear chances than he scores on and he never sees players that are in better scoring positions. Good teams know how to mark him and he is often offside against smart clubs. Crouch is excellent in the air but does nor score as much as some seem to think (about once every 4 games and only 1 time in 9 PL games for Spurs this year). The big negative with Crouch, and I concede it’s not his fault, is that the team always hoofs it up to him when he is being leaned on. It’s easily defended. As for Pav, he’s the most talented of our strikers but we do nothing to get the ball to him where he can do anything with it and then we say he sucks. The whole time he was on the pitch yesterday, we hoofed the ball up to Crouch and it all went for naught. Must be Pav’s fault. It’s time to get Gio into the starting lineup if we want results and Pav needs to start in place of Keane. COYS – win the next two and things are still on track, lose them both and we’re lost.

  12. Krankjar 7 ?????????????

    wtf u talking about
    i watched this guy carefully the whole game
    absolute crao
    lost possesion about 7 or 8 times, one decent pass the whole game and one good shot
    hes very average
    and at best should be on the bench

  13. Hud,Jenas and Pav a waste of time. Jenas and Pav played for themselves, plenty of effort but for numero uno. Hud decided not to get stuck in. Akkoto and Lennon took the day off rather then scrap with the Stoke boys.We are soft and the Burnleys, Boltons Stokes, Blackburns and Wigans will always have a good chance as any to beat us. We had only one player missing (Defoe) and ended up taking route one. No tactical nous. Prima donnas (Lennon) will get us nothing. Have enjoyed these early weeks in the top four, now reality sets in. Just hope this coming weekend isn’t a slaughter.

  14. Peterballb has hit the nail right on the head.His comments should be put in front of Harry every morning in an effort to change things at WHL.
    Keane should be sold while we can still get a good price for him.

  15. Can’t blame Pav. He played for himself cause he hardly gets a chance 2 prove himself. Atleast he is fighting to be in the starting 11. He ran his socks of yest. Did his fair bit of defending. The last 10-15 mins most of the Spurs players looked half dead, with the exception of Palacios who was sprinting even in the 90th min. And we had the whole weak to rest! Guess we need a lil bit of “Ramos’s formula” to get their fitness up…as bad as it may smell!


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