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Gomes (6) – Was nowhere for the goal. Somehow ended up collapsed in the opposite corner to where Doyle’s snuck in.

Corluka (6) – As with all the back four, defended well apart from one crucial moment.

Assou-Ekotto (6) – Was given the freedom of the left hand side but made only average use of it

Dawson (6) – Gave his all as ever, won’t be happy at being outjumped by Doyle for the goal

Bassong (7) – A good composed game. Brought the ball forward well a couple of times

Lennon (5) – Well marshalled by the Wolves defence, found it difficult to make space

Huddlestone (7) – Appeared our best chance of a goal for long periods

Palacios (6) – Good player that he is, more craft was probably required in this game than he naturally possesses

Kranjcar (6) – Skilful, willing and creative but like Lennon and Defoe rarely found enough space to cause any damage.

Keane (5) – Another poor game. First touch let him down time and again.

Defoe (5) – Never found any room, always had a Wolf up his arse.


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  1. To give such outrageously high scores you must have a) Not watched the game b) live in a world of make believe.

    Here are mine and I’m being generous…

    Gomes 1
    Corluka 2
    Assou-Ekotto 2
    Dawson 6
    Bassong 2
    Lennon 3
    Huddlestone 1
    Palacios 1
    Kranjcar 4
    Keane 1
    Defoe 2

  2. Following the Wolves game Keane, Defoe, Cruch & Lennon should not be considered for the next 3 games.
    Play Roman P up front with Modric. Kranjar on the left and Bentley on the right, thats if you have the balls Harry. Always take the sweats away from the baby to show him you mean business.
    Otherwise, you will see the team fall like Hull did last year.

  3. Huddlstone 7?, he showed 3 times in 90 mins against a side that will probably get relegated, I have never seen a 90 minute performance that would merit a 7, did he have some outstanding game this season that I missed?

  4. This weekend is a defining week in Football for three reasons firstly davspurs is back and cheating fuckers will be squirming in there posh moters.Heading for there training grounds plotting high energy games and upsets plus making money on bets.Secondly two Russion players Failed drug tests for sudafed cold remedy trade name also knone has Ephedrine high energy good defending team drug widley used by shit teams and teams in finacial trouble stay in the top four.all you Spurs fans wont belive this could happen well take notice the icberg is surfacing all over Europe.


  6. If hudds played for the cheating bastards i no he would look ill like Fellani and Andy i woke up and lst 22 pounds read wise up stop picking on Spurs and take a good look at the team who started Davspurs Ephedrine rantings there winning one nil now red faces high energy its all there if you luck hohoho happy crimbo from therumourman

  7. I agree with Angelic Upstart marks, seem more realistic.
    We were so poor it was frightenng and painful to watch at times.
    Other teams will come to the Lane and do what Wolves did and double up on Lennon and Kranjcar. The opposition just have to keep our wingers quiet and the result is were clueless going forward.
    Why o Why did Harry start with Keane and Defoe!?!?
    Has he learnt nothing?
    Jol tried and failed with this partnership as did Ramos, so why Harry believes it can work is beyond me. Keane is finished, he’s slow and poor and when he starts along side Defoe then Defoe becomes poor as well. As far as im concerned Harry ballsed this one up from the start.

  8. UPDATE ARSENAL THINS 2- DURACELL BUNNIES -1 HALF TIME ORANGES ARE WORKING ————-stop press gary speed is slagging Russion players for taking drugs well ours must be on vodka dont no about smooth bum has he scored he looks thin and red faced mmmmmm.if gary wants to speak to Davspurs he knows a top four team and now a few more and our own drug testers told him its rife so the kettle calling the pot comes to mind who did speed play for oh yes bolton hahahaha therumours are working no wonder Mick looked sheepish when the sky man said unexpected win eyes down look away DAVSPURS AND THE RUMOUR MAN ARE WATCHING TODAY SOME MORE CHEATS DIRK GALLAS AND CO

  9. News has just come on therumourmans rumourmill that Sudafed from Russia is legal and wenger was seen in boots chemist at half time. And when sombody ask him what he was buying he said is sudafed for is cold who is doing the half time team talk Wenger said Pat Rice .the score ARSENAL 2 lIVERPOOL 1 SECOND HALF COMBACK We should let bondy do the talking and send harry to the chemist

  10. What is this unconditional love for Tom Huddelstone??
    I agree that he’s got potential , BUT he is not at all ready to be a starting 11 for a team that aspire to be top 4 in the greatest league in the world.
    I think he showes every game (used to be only games against better teams, but showed against Wolves and Everton that it’s every game these days) that he is NOT intelligent enough, NOT creative enough, NOT fast enough, NOT consentrated enough to play at this level(yet).
    AND for (fuc)Keane… I did make a phone call to the Devil, he said he would probably not be in Hell Uniteds Starting elleven, but he could have a place for him on the bench, I personally think we should make a deal with the man.

  11. What a pile of shit that I witnessed yesterday,no fight in us and no atmosphere to lift the team. what we lack is a natural leader like john Terry or Rio Ferdinand to push the team forward. what about us fans yesterday not getting behind our team to urge them on,I thought we were meant to be the 12th man, but more like the prawn sandwich brigade.Please Harry get some strong characters in the team,and no keano for captain cos Dawson is more of a leader than him.

  12. Not many mentions of the unbelievable Wolverhampton Wanderers in these postings. To be fair, we were mangnificent!
    Is the Rumour Man British or did he slip into the country un-noticed?
    Come on you Wolves…..!

  13. Where do people get their ratings from???

    Huddlestone 7 – Muddlesbum more like, he is too lazy and far to complacent. He was moaning about not being given a fair crack of the whip last season, this season he has started every game and where he should be imposing himself on the game and dictating play he strolls around thinking he is a big time Charlie. He needs either to be benched or left out of the squas to realise that you need to work to be in the team.

    BAE is an absolute liability, with half hearted tackles and an attitude that stinks. His performance and attitude against Everton and his no show yesterday warrants him a spell out of the team.

    harlie also plods through a game and neither full back plays with any urgency or great desire to get forward. I think that Hutton and Bale should be given a go, their defence side of the game needs to improve but given a run they will give us a lot more going forward and support their wide men. BAE is not a good defender anyway so swapping hin for Bale at least gives us an attacking threat.

    Bassong looked componsed ??? He got bullied in the air, harried on the ground and whenever he gets the ball he fiddles around totally unsure of what to do. Another major weak link.

    Dawson plays with heart and desire every week and he may lack certain attributes but he should be seen as a model for the likes of Huddlestone and some of the other posiers and fancy dans.

    Nico tried to create and worked hard, although should have scored late on.

    Wilson must have taken a bump on the head pior to Everton as his game has really struggled of late. Terrible passing having done the hard work of winning the ball back.

    Lennon has surely been player of the season so far and just had an off day.

    Keane can not do anything right and in a game that should have seen him chomping at the bit to impress, spent much of the time as always doing the easy things wrong and then looking for someone to blame or tring to argue with the ref for a non existent free kick.

    Defoe had an off game and still has his offside problems and passing problems, ie doesnt stay onside and doesnt pass.

    The positive was Modric back on the pitch.

    The team seem to have a complacent lazy streak running through them and when you have BAE, Bassong, Huddlestone and Charlie all in the same team there is absolutely no drive and spirit.

    Wednesday is a massive test and having thrown away winnable points its now time to turn in a performance and take 3 points when normally we would be content with 1.

  14. Gentlemen. As usual we all believed the redtop hype of thinking that our time had finally come to break into the top 4. When oh when will we get some balls and start scrapping and fighting for everything instead of poncing around thinking that we have some sort of divine right to win at home against the likes of wolves? It annoys me that we still cannot learn. We need to get shot of the weak mentality that has been festering at Tottenham for years if we ever want to seriously challenge the big boys.

  15. If we win next week, all you lot will be reckoning we are on for top 4!!!???!!! We are the most fickle fans in the prem by a country mile!!! As a ‘realist’ from the start of the season we have 5th / 6th written all over us (and we’ll have done well)..

    We were sh1t yesterday, but we have only been shit for 2 or 3 games (bar villa).. Some players do need a change of scenery (Keane, Bentley, Hutton, Jenas). To compete with the top 4 we need a world class partner for Defoe (hate to say it but in Berbatoss mould) and a world class partner for Palacios in midfield. I hope dearly that the vibes being sent out by Levy in regards to lack of funds is a smoke screen. Its not the time for consolidation, its the time for two world calss players to be brought in!!!!!

    Grow up ALL Spurs fans…. COYS!!!

  16. If we beat Man City and i wont be surprised if we do then i only expect us to balls up at Blackburn and Fulham. Wont get to excited if we win on Weds cos it’s almost to predictable now.
    We hardly ever win in the North West and Fulhan is now becoming a bogey team for us.

  17. Wolfie

    You boys came down here and done a grand job on us. Mick McCarthy should be credited for getting his tactics spot on with re to marking Lennon and Kranjcar out of the game. I said to my brothers that Wolves didnt come down here and do a Stoke, it wasnt a case we were unlucky. We got exactly what we deserved from that game and that was nothing.
    Pity our own manager doesnt do his homework more often otherwise Defoe wouldnt have taken the penalty last weekend and Keane would never get near that pitch full stop.

  18. DSD Spurs you say you are a realist,but there is nothing fickle in speaking the truth, and all us spurs fans have the right to voice our opinions as we do when we talk amongst friends and family about the game,

  19. We have played like this for the past 15 years going no where fast we are an average premiership side who spend zillions to get out of trouble and sometimes we only just manage to , Spurs are a very average team because we have no real leader on the pitch ever player has no heart no guts no enthusiam they are to busy day dreaming and thinking of the big money going into their account , a rating by points should be made after every game by the coaches and manager and if they produce a very poor performance deduct the dosh accordingly regardless of the agreement they have in their contract , ie 3 – 5 points = 1/2 loss of wages , 5 – 7 points = 3/4 loss of wages , 7 – 10 wages remain static , have you the guts Harry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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