Poch believes these two Spurs players get unfair criticism

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have had a tough time of it lately, suffering back to back defeats against Burnley and Chelsea over the last week.

In this six weeks previous to these games, Spurs hadn’t dropped a single point in the Premier League, and even beat Borussia Dortmund 3-0 in the Champions League.

This happened to be the six weeks that Harry Kane was out injured, yet on his first game back Spurs lost to Burnley, and his second game back, another loss to Chelsea.

This led to claims that his return had upset the balance of the team.

Hugo Lloris also came under fire for his performance against Chelsea, as he let Pedro’s near post shot squeeze through his legs, the only shot on target in the entire match.

He then came running out to deal with a ball late on in the match, with Kieran Trippier playing it to where he though his keeper should be, resulting in an own goal.

Perhaps they made up for it today though, as Kane scored the equalising penalty against Arsenal, and Lloris saved a last-minute Gunners pen too.

Poch said (Football London): “Yeah but not only bad night Wednesday the whole team, not only Hugo. As you say, you put the finger on Hugo as responsible for the defeat, was not him, I cannot blame him. Hugo is one of the best in the world, he does not need to show that, he cannot prove nothing but the finger always points at the big players, like Hugo or if Harry misses big chances. We don’t win like in the last two games ‘Harry is the problem’ or I don’t know. They are such big players.”

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  1. I don’t know which idiot thinks that Kane returning upset the balance of the team….but that opinion is pure horse manure.

    In another article on the web…Martin Keown says that he didn’t agree that Torreira should have been sent off. He said:

    “Keown was also frustrated by the red card shown to Lucas Torreira in the closing stages of the game, adding that he did not agree with Walton’s view that the Uruguayan midfielder should have been dismissed for his challenge on Spurs’ Danny Rose.

    This actually troubles me the most,” he said, speaking on BT Sport.

    This is a hard fought game and when you make this sort of tackle as a player, you can’t necessarily be worrying about your opponent there.

    “I feel that [Lucas] Torreira has gone in for this tackle, a whole-hearted tackle, and he is trying to pull his leg back.”

    Really? Torreira studded Rose below the knee and above the shin pad from what I saw.

    I cannot believe another player (from any team) could say that this tackle was OK.

  2. Martin Keown, which planet do you come from or which game were you watching?
    You cannot tell me that Torreira was trying to play the ball. The ball was on the ground, his studs were
    two feet off the ground heading for Rose a deliberate attempt to tackle Rose, not to block the ball.
    So Alien, you don’t see or maybe you do and choose to look beyond reality. What I see and it seems when teams play Spurs, I sense a tendency of over aggression towards Spurs players that I don’t see when playing against other teams. In fact look at Arsenal’s games against other teams, they don’t show that kind of aggression in my view. Have a nice day.


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