Pochettino annoyed at “sad and disrespectful” Guardiola

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Mauricio Pochettino has branded Pep Guardiola’s assessment of his Tottenham team as ‘the Harry Kane team’ as “disrespectful” and also pointed out he never called his Barcelona side ‘the Lionel Messi team’.

Pochettino said Guardiola’s comments, made before the international break, were also “sad” but the Argentine fought back saying Spurs players only laughed when they heard the Manchester City manager’s remark.

Kane has been in flying form of late & has plundered 11 goals in his last six appearances for Tottenham, and the Manchester City boss, who was speaking a fortnight ago after City had just beaten Chelsea, said: “We saw again the Harry Kane team scores every day two or three goals.”

Speaking at the pre-Bournemouth match press conference , Pochettino said: “That didn’t affect me but the reality is it was very disrespectful for many people.
“It’s difficult to understand because he was part of the big success at Barcelona with Messi at his best, and I never said it was ‘the Messi team’. I always said it was Barcelona or Pep Guardiola.

“I think everyone deserves to be recognised as part of the success of the team. But I think many people took those words as very disrespectful for the club, and for many players that are here I think it’s a strange situation.”

We sit five points behind Guardiola’s men in the Premier League table and Mauricio said his players would not be affected by the Manchester City managers jibe.

Mauricio made the suggestion that perhaps Guardiola could have been “over-excited” by City’s 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge.

“When it’s exciting after an amazing victory against Chelsea, sometimes [he] can struggle to keep his position and be a gentleman,” Pochettino said.

“I think it’s a sad comment because the players laugh about that. If you’re a manager you must show more, no? To be above this type of comment.
“That is my opinion like I respect his opinion but I think the players, more motivated or less motivated? I think it’s the same.

The Tottenham manager continued “It’s sad and it’s not right in football. Today we want to show respect, fair play and everything.”

Asked if he had spoken to Guardiola since he made the comments and Pochettino said: “No, of course not. He hasn’t called me yet.
“Maybe after the press conference he calls me. I’m sure I will reply.”

So a possible war of words brewing between the two managers. Is it just mind games from Guardiola or is he possibly deflecting from his own sides possible future shortcomings with the absence of Sergio Aguero.

Let us know your thoughts on the City managers words and Poch’s fight back.

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  1. Guardiola is a PC football game manager who uses the money cheat. It is hard to respect a guy who has had it so easy as a manager. Let’s see how he an Jose would go if they were given a team, say in Div 1 or the championship and NO oil money.
    It was a jerk comment from a guy who sees stealing players from opposing clubs as Okay. IMO he was knocked back in a bid for Kane. With him in charge MC are now far easier to hate which is a pity as now they are on the same level as MU.


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