Pochettino dissapointed by 3-0 win at Old Trafford

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Not many would have predicted the 3-0 thrashing of United in their own back yard by Spurs, but what’s even more surprising is manager Pochettino’s reaction to the historic win.

The game marked Poch’s first ever goal and three points away to United.

Pochettino said: “My mood wasn’t great [after Monday] I was so disappointed. I think we need to improve our performance. The first half I wasn’t happy and I translated that to the players.

“We need to fight against the perception. When you compare the perception and the reality, we need to talk about the reality, and the reality was in the first half we can concede one, two or three goals.

“Of course the team showed character and in the second half we were much better. I think we dominated and we created the best options.

“But if we want to fight for big things, before talking to you and expressing our feelings to the media and our fans, it’s about trying to improve — and we need to improve because it’s only three games from the beginning of the season.

“We’re going to play on Sunday against a very good team — a team that’s going to fight and is in a very good moment, After three games they’re over the moon.

“If we’re not ready and we believe because we beat Manchester United 3-0 that all is fantastic, I think we are going to crash.

“When you’ve beaten Manchester United 3-0 in Old Trafford, an historic victory, it’s easy to say our performance was fantastic and they [United] were not so good.

“But when you watch again the game I think the line was very thin, to be in the left or right, in the positive or the negative. Still in the last three games we’ve conceded a lot of chances. Our keeper made an unbelievable save to keep the team alive.

“Of course after we scored we showed character and many positives things, but come on. If we want to fight and be a contender, we need to talk on the pitch and not outside. We need to show we are capable after 10 months, not only after three games.”

What did you think of Spurs’ performance?

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  1. I think Poch is right and wrong. First half I think United had the edge, especially to start with. I was just waiting for the ball to go in. It could have so easily have been different. BUT it wasn’t , that’s the name of the game, sometimes you ride your luck, even the best of the best do. How many times have we said ” well united didn’t play well buy they still won”?
    First half we didn’t play well, but guess what, we showed strength and won the second half hands down.
    Agree whole heartedly about comment now we have beat them, don’t slack of is what he is saying. We need to keep the pressure on massively!! Always have been always will be spurs fan COYS !!!
    Keep playing keep winning no matter what the side never take 3 points for granted


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