Pochettino outlines what it would take for VAR to work

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Tottenham go into the Carabao Cup semifinal against Chelsea with a 1-0 lead courtesy of Harry Kane’s penalty in the first leg. The penalty decision was given in consultation with the video assistant referee who overruled the linesman’s decision of flagging Kane offside.

After the game, neither Maurizio Sarri nor Pochettino was happy with the implementation of VAR. While Sarri claimed that VAR hadn’t gotten the offside decision incorrect, Pochettino said the way they technology was implemented was causing too much confusion.

The Tottenham manager has now doubled down on his position regarding VAR ahead of the second leg. The Argentine insisted that a lot of work needed to be done before the technology was ready to be implemented in the Premier League next season. He said that it must first be made clear as it to when the technology can be applied and what type of incidents can be reviewed.

Speaking during the pre-match press conference, Pochettino told Football.London,” We’ll see. After that game (the first leg) we didn’t talk too much and of course we wait for more information on how it is going to work.”

“For the next season if we are going to apply this system we need to work a lot – the referees and the players and the fans. To know when it’s applied, when it’s not, when ask to review some action. After the game I was telling you I did not agree with many decisions and I did not agree with the system. ”

The Argentine also said that looking at the problems that they are running into with the use of VAR in Spain and Italy this season, the Premier League would be prudent to clear out some vagaries before welcoming the technology.

He added, “When I watch more in depth and watch in different league and no one is happy. No one is happy. But it is not because I want to stop the evolution of the system, but I am telling the people responsible that we need information and our fans need information.”

“Football fans need information how we are going to play because if we don’t know it is going to be a big problem. Fans in Italy and Spain if they are having problems, in England it is going to be worse. I promise you it is going to be a big problem if we don’t find information.”

“But it is now, not wait until the summer, because after the time is not going to be there to work enough to be all agreed with the way it is going to work.”

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