Pochettino reveals he spoke with Daniel Levy last week – Opens up on their relationship

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Mauricio Pochettino was sacked by Tottenham in November 2019 and has been out of work ever since, with Jose Mourinho replacing him at the helm in North London.

The Argentine led the Lilywhites for over five years, including their qualification for the 2019 Champions League Final against Liverpool.

However, such a momentous occasion was not enough to spare Pochettino from the eventual wrath of Daniel Levy and the Spurs board.

Despite this, the former Tottenham head coach has revealed that there are no bad feelings between him and the chairman.

Instead, he claimed that the two were and always would be good friends with plenty of amazing memories together from their time at Spurs.

Pochettino even revealed that he spoke with Levy last Saturday, while they have exchanged text messages ever since the Argentine left Tottenham.

It was revealed in a report earlier this week that Pochettino is now free to join his next club without Spurs being entitled to compensation payments (Mirror).

Pochettino told Sky Sports: “I spoke with him last Saturday but during the last six months we have always exchanged messages. He was very painful the day he took the decision, we were too, but like I told him from day one because maybe we will repeat the same conversion with the new people if any offer arrives. I need to behave in the same way when you sign me, when you show all your love, that maybe the day you believe we need to split. If in this five and a half years, the relationship was always building in respect and loyalty, that is football. Daniel took the decision to part ways and find a different management, we can only be respectful. It did not change our perception or relationship. We had some amazing memories. I am a person who holds onto my good memories and put the bad ones in the bin.”

The ex-Spurs boss also revealed to The Guardian: “I said to Daniel that we finished in the way that no one wanted but the end … it needed to happen. If not, our relationship will continue forever! And maybe that’s no good for the club or for us. When the decision came, we needed to move on. The decision for us to be hired was fantastic and when the decision is not good for you, you need to show the respect. Always, Daniel is going to be my friend. All the people at the club will be.”

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