Pochettino tipped to be the first top six manager out the door this season

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Since joining Tottenham Hotspur, Pochettino has hauled the club up to the next level in their development.

When he first signed from Southampton, Spurs were merely hoping for some regular top European football. Five years later and they have four Champions League appearances in a row under their belt, as well as a CL Final.

Spurs then went out to make a statement in the transfer window, breaking their transfer record to sign Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon, as well as young Jack Clarke from Leeds United (BBC).

However, that is where Spurs’ transfer window stopped thus far, with no further additions added in the following weeks. This has led to some frustration among fans, as it seems the ideal time to invest after the club reached their first-ever Champions League final.

One pundit has now even predicted that Poch could be the first one of the top six managers to exit their club this season.

We all know Pochettino is an extremely passionate character, but his most recent interview has shown a different, more irritable side to the loveable Argentine:

“Sell, buy players, sign contract, not sign contract – I think it is not in my hands, it’s in the club’s hands and Daniel Levy.

“The club needs to change my title and description. Of course, I am the boss deciding the strategic play, but in another area I don’t know. Today, I feel like I am the coach.” (The BBC)

And it’s these very comments that have made Pochettino a target for the chopping board, as Tony Cascarino has pointed out on Talksport: “But the one I feel is the more likely to go from the top six first is Pochettino.

“I look at Poch and I just feel from what’s happening and what he’s communicating, I’m not sure he’s going to be there at the end of this season.

“I just don’t see it.

“I think it was as good as it was going to get for them last year, with them getting to the Champions League final. They lost 18 or 19 games by the end of the season – that’s a lot of matches.”

And co-host, Dean Saunders had this to say: “If you keep criticising your boss in public, if you keep embarrassing them and criticising the way they’re doing things, they’ll wait for the right opportunity to get rid of you.”

Spurs Web Opinion:

Hogwash. They won’t get rid of Poch, if anything he deserves backing to see if we can go one further and win the Champions League. Could we see him walk though?

Levy, #BackPoch.

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  1. If anything its the media he’s having a go at not Levy. The manager not being in charge of these sort of things is the same for every big club. He’s basically saying, look you are in a privileged position of being able to speak to managers and players, i’ll get 10 questions and 6 of you will be dumb enough to ask the same stupid question and then the same question again for the next press conference. I’m not in charge of these things thats down to the money men go ask them, stop being dumb. But being as dumb as they clearly are these ‘journalists’ make their own dumb conclusions. What will be the no1 repeated question at the next press conference?

  2. Media led rubbish. This started 4 years ago thanks to the Express News Group. First it was players want to leave Spurs and join Man Utd. It was relentless for three summers. That failed. Then last summer they tried different tricks…unsettle Poch. Every word or emotion is jumped on. If I’m not mistaken it was an Express Journalist that hounded Poch over transfers.
    The facts are simple. Spurs as a club are scaring the hell out of the old so called big clubs.
    Just look at the reality. We are pulling away from clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea and Man U.
    Ignore the media frenzy. Spurs are a club that is redefining how to do it. Be proud


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