(Poll) Should Tottenham hold off on new stadium move till next season?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

September 15 was an important day for Tottenham fans at the start of this season, and it had nothing to do with their game against Liverpool.

The 15th of September was the official grand opening of their new stadium, after their first home game of the season had been moved to Wembley.

A brand new 62,000 seat stadium, on the same site as their old beloved White Hart Lane… what a day it would be for the fans, players and staff around Tottenham!

Fast forward a month, and in reality fans were sitting in a quiet Wembley, watching their side fall to their second successive defeat against Liverpool.

The stadium had been delayed, and then delayed again, with their Wembley contract extended until December 15.

But at least the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium would be a great Christmas present, right? Wrong. If you believe that latest reports that is.

LoveSportRadio revealed, in an exclusive, that Tottenham would not be moving into their new home until March 2019 at the earliest, due to issues with the fire sprinkler systems.

March. At the earliest. That would leave only a few months of the season to play at the new ground, and that’s if it actually was complete by March.

At what point is it time for Tottenham to call a halt on using the new ground in the 2018/19 season?

Would it not provide a settling clarity for fans and players alike to simply announce Wembley for the entire season, and put an end to the uncertainty.

What do you think?

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