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Guiseppe Rossi - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham have been linked with a whole host of strikers during the current transfer window but we’re yet to sign one!

We’ve put a list together of some of the strikers who have been linked with Spurs and we want to know which striker you’d like Spurs to sign before the end of the month.

Leave your vote and comments below.  COYS.

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  1. Having a big picture of Rossi above the article will make him the “default” choice, so we can probably knock a few percentage points off his total for a truer picture.

  2. Unless it means the death of Spurs I believe we should go all out and sign at least 2 of Ade, Rossi, Falc, Hulk & Ruiz. Obviously some would require a loan move.

    Tottenhams attack is/was so stale we were lucky to finish where we did last season. With a more diverse and lethal attack line we could have exploited other teams faltering form last term. We cant afford to make the same mistake again this season.

  3. King benny There is another King down the road had some youngsters in his team and decided to slash the cash Bruce flogged them crap for 20 million and Adams chose to pledge his legion to the King they drew 1-1 against a team who they always beat and they used most of last seasons players and just played Brown Larson free and he scored. So my advice to you is this if you judge our strikers on last year you will be sadly wrong we never played the same team twice we had horrendous injury's we had to name 25 players and two of them played 3 and half games all year Wodgate King Dawson was out till the middles of December Defoe two months Huddlestone four months Bale eight weeks then the rest of the season Modric four weeks Kaboul 2 months Pienaar suffering with groin Van with hamstring trouble Gallas bad knee Huddlestone ankle finaly broke down Lennon still a good knock away from following Pienaar under the knife The final problem for our strikers was two systems one for the Champs league and one for the league. this meant Defoe who had bean out for two months could not get his fitness back up to standard and the fact he was overlooked for our big games and must have hurt him badly Pav played better with Defoe adn Defoe liked up better with Crouch this rarely happened with Van who never scored from January when Huddlestone was out for four months a true . When he came back we had not scored in four games Hudds came back and we beat stoke 3-2 and he scored a cracker. What we need is continuity a settled side and less long term injuries we already have five Gallas King Van Pienaar Sandrolets hope that's it for a while.

  4. if we can should get Adebayor on loan, Ruiz and either Huntelaar/Hulk/Podolski and have a 4-3-3 formation
    obviously depends on who we sell and for how much say we keep Defoe though he looks sharp!

  5. davspurs! Nail on the head.
    Why is everyone over looking this?
    Our squad is unbelievable as it is.
    Saying that rossi did look good against everton the other day.
    I wouldn't send him back.

  6. Davspurs? Any chance of a bit of punctuation next time? I might bother to read what you write in that case.
    It's got to be Adebayor with his premiership experience – no defender can enjoy playing against him; trying to contain him is like attempting to get an octopus into a string vest. Big, strong and the perfect foil for a resurgent Defoe this season. Can't understand why we don't pack Dos Santos's bags for him and bank the cash. As for the idea of Tom or Charlie in a permanent centre back role, you've got to be kidding.


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