Pompey skipper describes Defoe’s actions as ‘cheap’


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Portsmouth skipper Aaron Mokoena has described Jermain Defoe’s actions of being ‘cheap’ after the Spurs striker was sent off for stamping.

Mokoena did confirm that the former Pompey player did apologise to him after the 2-1 win at Fratton Park.

“He’s a committed player, but that one was out of this world,” said Mokoena.

“Jermain has a bright future in the England squad, but what he did was embarrassing. He did apologise to me after the game.

“You can go for tackles, but not like that. I’m very good in tackles and in nailing people, but it’s all about your timing and not trying to injure players.

“But what he did was a cheap shot. You can’t do that in this league. It’s just crazy.

“I had a chat with him after the game and he thought I was going to nail him first, but I was going there to get the ball.

“There was nothing I did wrong, so it was a bit cheap from him.

“He said to me the referee was against him the whole game. That’s his view. I didn’t see that at all.”

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  1. I wouldn’t even call it a stamp, more like a tap on the calf. The cheap one was the loser who acted as if being shot in the leg. The acting was disgraceful. Definitely more disgusting than the alleged “stamp” by Defoe.

  2. i can’t believe he used the word embarrasing, clearly wasn’t aware of his own actions in getting up the throwing himself to the floor after realising what defoe had done, wat a dick


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