Pompey to ask Spurs for permission to play O’Hara


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Portsmouth are to submit a request to Tottenham Hotspur to ask permission to play Jamie O’Hara when both sides meet in the FA Cup semi final.

The midfielder is currently on loan at Fratton Park and Avram Grant is hoping that Harry Redknapp will allow him to play at Wembley on April 11th.

“There is a clause in his contract and we need to accept that and respect it,” Grant said on Sky Sports News.

“But if you are not in a top team it is not often that you get to a semi-final at Wembley, especially at Portsmouth, and Jamie wants to play this semi-final very much.

“I can promise Tottenham that he will not score against them.”

He added: “Harry is a good friend of mine. I was here with him when we started the process at Portsmouth.

“We tried to do something different and I think the year that I spent working with him was a great year.”


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    He is probably their best player, and he should be playing for us in the game not Portsmouth
    We should have sent Jenas instead, then I would have begged Portsmouth to ask us to let him play

  2. This is wrong, what if he score and we loose, who will we blame for defeat? Redknapp because he let him play!? How Jamie would feel next season when he come back!? It doesnt looks good!

  3. as much as he may want to, and as much as he probably deserves it, it must be a no. as yido said above, if he scores the winner against us, all hell breaks loose. he makes their team tick, and our priority is getting to the final, not letting jamie have a 2nd day out at wembley.

  4. Whats the point in having a clause in a contract if its not going to be applied. Its there for just this kind of instance.
    We were already doing Portsmouth a favour by loaning him out in the first place. I really hope this doesn't happen.

  5. Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Jamie's a great lad and it's a shame that he'll miss out but it ain't gonna happen. Avram Grant is a fucking idiot.

  6. A cunning move by Avram Grant, because he and pompey have nothing to lose- Arry did appear to suggest it wouldn't bother him if JO plays against us but it would affect JO having to come back to the club that owns him?? Which seems to put ball back in O'hara's court……is his heart with Spurs?? Spurs should just issue a statement- in regards to football etiquette the request is impossible to grant- it is conflict of interest. And be done with this matter before it ESCULATES!!

  7. If the courts needed any 'actual' proof that Portsmouth FC is being run by a bunch of certified morons this is it. Could be the most outrageous thing I've read all year. Wouldn't be surprised if The Daily (hate) Mail broke the story. Good for a giggle tho

  8. Also, '' I can promise he won't score against them ''. Either this is the brothel dwelling Israeli's attempt at humour…. or he's just blatantly admitted to planning to fix a major cup semi final

  9. have anybody heard a jinx where ex-player always score against former club ( he will be ex if he score or make stupid comments again )

  10. From yesterday's Guardian:

    [Portsmouth] receive a boost yesterday when Redknapp said he would not block any application from the south coast club asking permission for O'Hara to face Spurs in their FA Cup semi-final tie on 11 April. The Premier League rules that forbid on-loan players playing against their parent club do not extend to cup competitions.

    "It wouldn't be a problem for me [if O'Hara played against Spurs next month]," said Redknapp, "but it may be a problem for Jamie. He's coming back here next season and that may be difficult for him if he has scored the goal that's knocked us out of the FA Cup."

  11. since ohara went to portsmouth he has done nothing but slag spurs off no way should he play he is a spurs player and if he wanted to play at wembley then he should have stayed at spurs he is the only decent player they have got we want to be in the final and thats hard luck on ohara so he can sit in the stands and watch as either a spurs fan or a pompey fan its up to him he came out with that remark last week saying i hope fulham win and then he comes begging to let us allow him to play what kind of moran is he

  12. No way. the club comes first before any individual-just bad luck jamie. Anyway, what about the players at spurs who will all want to play in the semi-not all of them will get picked in the first 11 either


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